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Radiohead bring back ‘Up on the Ladder’

After days of posts with cryptic Worm Buffet images, which were then solved by the At Easers (sooner than the band expected)… Radiohead have now posted a less cryptic one…

The latest post on Dead Air Space features a photo of Thom Yorke in front of a microphone… with the lyric ‘im stuck in the tardis’… Yes indeed… the first line of ‘Up On The Ladder‘. Even the photo’s file name is “upontheladder.jpg“. So, may we state here that the track is back on the map and actually one of those tracks that have been mastered recently for LP7?

It’s quite a surprise to see ‘Up on the ladder’ as a contender for Radiohead’s new album, as we haven’t heard anything about it since it was dropped for Radiohead’s 2003 album ‘Hail to the Thief’. The band were already working on the track during their Kid A sessions in 2000 and was performed live on their Iberian tour in 2002 and one of the few songs that didn’t make it to LP6. Good to see that ‘Up on the ladder’ isn’t dead and buried after all.

Radiohead perform ‘Up On The Ladder’ at Coliseu do Porto [July 27th 2002]

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  • i hope this is true because i adore that song

  • LP7 is near!
    There is hope…I rather find it entertaining that they are posting these cryptic messages and dropping these hints on their situation. It is much more exciting than bluntly saying “We are done with the album and here is the tracklisting”…Radiohead are the best… and that picture of Thom makes me happy. hehe

  • couldn’t have said it better Norma Jean

  • *fingers crossed*

  • Great video:)

  • I like this song…but it needed work – perhaps the band think its right… from Ed’s Kid A diary we know that this is at least eight years old…maybe its another “old” song that the band think they’ve finally got right?

  • yeh i absolutely adore this song!!

  • I wouldn’t care if they played, recorded Polly Wolly Doodle and set it in their track listing. I hope to see a double pressed album of several songs through this terrible drought of Radiohead. I miss the band and their wonderful art. Come out with Thom and radiohead coughing on a album song. COME OUT WITH AN ABULM… PLEASE.

  • radiohead disseminates info like apple

  • we should wait for this album as we would have
    a kind of epiphany.
    Radiohead are maybe the best example of
    contemponary art in the world

  • I really like this song, but to me it seems to be a little bit too ‘HTTT-ish’, if you know what I mean. These sounds that Jonny makes are réally similair to WIEAYB. If they won’t change much to this song, it could end up as the Electioneering of the album: great song, but doesn’t fit much with the rest.

  • I mean, it could break the flow and that would be a real pity. But of course I also want to hear a studioversion of this track, cause as I’ve said it’s a fucking great song. So I hope it will be either completely changed, or it will be a b-side.

  • […] to for the […]

  • man i disagree with kaaasgaaf a LOT. not only would i be ecstatic with a “HTTT-ish” record, but a whole album’s worth of “electioneering” would be cause to celebrate. what a wonderful song — what a wonderful band.

  • nice! wacky Thom dance

  • Well with Up on the Ladder, it certainly has the feel for what they’ve got down thus far for LP7. They probably removed the synth of the end to maintain some consistance between the tracks.

  • …you let the people down
    you let the people down
    you let the people down
    you let the people down
    you let the people down
    you let the people down…

    (not really) 🙂

  • Ade, how do you know that AtEasers solved the code sooner than the band expected? What else do you know? I think you’re holding out on us. Spill!

  • That song’s got one seriously tasty guitar riff. Deeelicious!

  • Great track! Great album!

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