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Radiohead negotiate ‘In Rainbows’ label release

Despite the revolutionary annoucement yesterday of Radiohead’s new album release through their website, it doesn’t mean that the band will remain label-less. There’s still a big chance ‘In Rainbows‘ will be available in record stores early next year.

As LA Times reports; In the coming weeks, Courtyard Management, which represents the band, will reportedly negotiate with labels about a conventional release for “In Rainbows” that would put it on store shelves in 2008. Sources with the band acknowledge that the major labels may balk at the notion of releasing an album that has been available free for months. Still, previous Radiohead albums collectively sell about 300,000 copies a year, according to Nielsen SoundScan, so “In Rainbows” should still have value at the cash register. sources say that EMI, the band’s record label for Radiohead’s previous six albums, are still in negotiation with Radiohead to release the band’s seventh album ‘In Rainbows’.

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  • this is good news, my dad wouldnt want to buy it via the internet so this is great, thank you radiohead!!!

  • I k ind of wish they wouldn’t back down, keep up with the fight, even though I know their not really trying to bring anything down, it would just be nice to see them go all out and screw the record companies fully.

  • would this be 1 cd or 2, like the one in the discbox?

  • I want the album, I’m a huge fan…but
    80$ canadian is too high a price for 2
    cds and what would I do with vinyls
    (never owned a player)

    But I want all the songs, the 18 songs
    not just the 10…so what are my options

    To buy the double-cd when it comes out
    early next year..but should I pay twice
    …will see!

  • I would like it to stay as it is, they released vynils in my opinion to “skip” the cd’s, I agree, the price is too high for the 18 tracks but don’t worry, they’ll be available soon on the net 😛

  • yer dad wouldn’t want to buy it over the internet? what does that mean?
    I was wondering how pissed off parents with radiohead kids as fans are going to be having to shell out $80 for a record. I can’t imagine in a million years my parents giving me $80 for a record. Luckily, I make my own money. 🙂

  • Luckily my dad knows I’m a big Radiohead fan and pre-ordered it for me as a christmas gift.

    He’s a traditional guy too, but he’s ordered tons of shit off the net (mostly CD boxsets) so he isn’t new to the idea.

  • Personally i think its worth it for the discbox, at least in the UK.
    £40 aint that much, CD’s are a tenner normally, and vinyls are about £20 apeice, that plus the big book and the extra songs…Thats a bargain in my book

  • I paid just £5 ($10 USD) for the download only because I fully intend to purchase a more moderately priced 2-CD package whenever it hopefully hits stores. Since I live in the States, $80 was just too much for the otherwise awesome Discbox. Our dollar is worth shite.

  • I’m just a regular student from Poland, but I also work and my weekly income is 320zł = 58£ …so I’ll do my job for only 4 DAYS to buy Radiohead’s job made over the YEARS – I think it’s fair enough

  • Does anyone know if you can still buy the discbox after October 10? I’m planning on getting the download first, then deciding whether I’ll just go with the regular CD release or paying 80 bucks for the two CDs and vinyl collection.

  • Yes, this a good news. I have pre-orded the download, but still want to hear songs on that second disc. But I don’t have the cash to blow on the discbox. yay!

  • Quote: “Sources with the band acknowledge that the major labels may balk at the notion of releasing an album that has been available free for months. .” Translation: The second CD will not be available for download so the band will retain some negotiating power for hocking the CD to a record label.

  • I think RH knows that their fans have waited for the new album for a long time
    so they gave us the record before 2008
    I think they really care about their fans
    and luv their fans
    I luv RH too!Thanks for the wonderful music!!

  • I think this is quite OK. One of the readers of my blog paid £12 for the download, but she thinks the price for the box was a bit to high. “Conventional” distribution helps spreading this beatiful music. I think it deserves to be heard.

  • great idea, great idea!!!!!! but every RH fan should have a vinyl player… and 40 £ in his pocket 😉 come on kids^^

  • neokyle,

    i live in indonesia, and 40pounds is like rp750.000,- which is like 1/5 of my monthly pay 😛 (thank god i got a raise last month..) normal cds would only cost rp100.000,- max.

    but hey, i’ve waited for THIS for 4 years! and i’m sure as hell its worth it

  • I’ll still go for the Diskbox, but I would
    really prefer to pay, say, half the price
    and have the option of choosing either CD
    or vinyl…
    I know vinyl is superior quality, & I guess
    Radiohead is trying to get us re-interested
    in it (or just interested for the first
    time for those that were born into the
    digital age).

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