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Radiohead on recording ‘In Rainbows’

NME have dug up an old interview with Colin Greenwood and Thom Yorke when they’ve just started recording LP7, ‘In Rainbows’. The interview by NME’s Julian Marshall, conducted in March 2006 is available on the website in two parts. The first part has been posted today.

NME: Are any of the songs finished? Anything you’re particularly proud of so far?
Thom Yorke:
“All the titles are mentioned on the internet… ’15 Step’ is one we were talking about yesterday.”

Colin Greenwood: “That’s one of the ones I was foaming at the mouth about yesterday. I had a friend from (avant electro act) Four Tet in and I played him some of the new stuff and he was getting very excited about it.

It was one of those things, when someone you respect musically was into what you were trying to do, then I got very excited and I told everyone else, and everyone else got very…

Thom Yorke: “…unexcited and confused!”

Colin Greenwood: “We’ve all been apart for a while doing things other than Radiohead, doing family things and having kids and stuff, so it’s getting back together and emptying everyone’s bags on to the table and seeing where our heads are at.“

NME: Are you planning on signing another record deal?

Thom Yorke: “What’s cool about it is once we have something that makes sense we have the luxury of going to people and going, ‘We’ve got this, do you want it?’, and there being no additional baggage.

“Record deals should be like that anyway. The days of the development deal, like major record companies using tax avoidance schemes to invest in new bands then dropping them like a shot, it’s not really necessary anymore.”

NME: Would it feel right not to have a label at all? Is that something you’d consider?

Thom Yorke: “I don’t think we’d have a deal in the old sense.”

Read the first part of the full interview here.

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  • Wow, Colin knows Kieren Hebden? I had no idea

  • One of Radiohead (can’t remember who) said “rounds” was the best album of 2003, pretty cool.

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