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Happy Birthday Thom!

Thom Yorke celebrates his 39th birthday today. Have a great one, Thom!
Thom Yorke


  • I love how your RAINBOW colored hat, Thom! Happy Birthday, and thanks for the amazing anticipation this week!

  • My bday is Oct 7th too, eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thom Yorke shares a birthday with Simon Cowell and Yo-Yo Ma.

  • love you Thom…have a great one x

  • happy birthday dear Mr. Yorke!!!!!

  • i bought the discbox.i’m waiting for it….
    i’ve already heard most of the song and i really can’t wait !!
    happy birthday again!

  • i meant songs..





  • wooohooo happy birthday Thom, you gave US a gift this year!

  • Thom, you and the guys are a constant inspiration to me and my music. Thank you for everything, and happy birthday (though it’s still Oct 6th here in North America)!

  • Happy birthday Thom! You and your bandmates are musical gods!!

  • Happy Birthday Thom, may you have another glorious 39 years ahead of you.

  • Happy birthday Mr. Thom Yorke!!!!!

  • WHOO! :D
    Happy Birthday Thom! I THANK YOU for your contribution to music, your translation from emotion to sound, and hope that you celebrate life with round happiness in your heart, that your family is doing well. Just wanted to let you know (although I doubt you’ll be sitting around on your birthday reading atease, but miracles happen…) that you are one of the BEST musicians that I have ever heard, and I also applaud the release of “In Rainbows”. Your music has emotionally healed me in such a strong way, which is incredibly hard when you’re born exposed to rather meh music (turd) (no offense to those “indie” bands). You have worked very hard for all these years simply for the sake of music, and we, as fans, will remain loyal and cherish everything we hear of your creation. Just through your music, I can make emotional connections again. Well, tis too long now, time to cut the cheesy yet truthful talk. HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY!!!!

  • (insert digital hug)


  • Bon Jour
    Bon Anniversaire de La Réunion !

    Bonne santé et encore merci pour tout!!

  • happy birthday, thom!

    doooo enjoy yourself, hmmm?

  • how doe sit feel like to be almost 40? You’re pretty small so people don’t really notice ;) HB

  • Happy 39th birthday, Thomas! Hope you’re not worried about turning 40, it’s not bad at all! ;)

  • RIP Thom!

  • happy birthday Thom! do a little dance for your b-day!

  • happy Birthday mate

  • you are amazing.

  • Have a nice day Thom! Hope you get lots of prezzy’s

  • Congratulations Thom!! And thank you for “in Rainbows”. I hope you’re happy with it too.

  • Happy birthday sir Thom.

  • Parabéns Thom, de todos os brasileiros. Nós te adoramos.

  • Happy birthday, Thom!

  • Thom! :]
    Happy birthday!
    Your music has been the center of my life for a long time. Thank you for the wonderful blessing that you and your band mates create.

    I love you!

  • FELIZ CUMPLE SEÑOR THOM!!!! thanks for your beautiful voice and amazing soul… love and kisses from Argentina!I love you too much to express it in words… so i just say…

  • Bday! :)

  • Thanks for being here Thom! Makes the world a whole lot better. Have an awesome day….Happy Birthday!

  • You’re an amazing person, not just musically, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love (Really, I think I do),

  • Damn…he’s like a geezer now…

  • Maybe 50 years in the future Mr. Yorke’s birthday will be an unofficial holiday. “No Emissions Day” or something of that sort. Like how no one in Philly shoots any one else on MLK’s birthday.

  • Bonne Fete de Montreal.

  • I had a hat like that and sold it on eBay for £5. Prompt payment, buyer recommended

    LABEL MATE 1996-2004

    MANY MORE!!!

  • PLUS! I love this picture!!! :D

  • happy birthday Mr. Yorke!!! you are
    still a boy :)

  • Only 39? Keep up the great work, Thom!

  • happy birthday thom!!
    thank you for being you.=))

  • Happy Birthday Thom, you are an inspiration to a lot of people out there and your music is VERY appreciated!!!

  • Happy Birthday Thom!!!! You’re my inspiration, thank you for everything :*

  • Is it crazy to say that last night I had a dream about radiohead. I was hanging out with Ed and Thom at my house and serving them posole. Best dream ever. Happy Birthday Thom. :)

  • Oh, mine was yesterday. Happy birthday Thom.

  • Tanti auguri Thom, buon compleanno!

  • happy bday dr. tchock
    aloha from big island hawaii!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Thom… May u have a fantastic birthday this year…
    I have a gift for u, it’s my cultural studies thesis titled “Thom Yorke and his radical meta-narrative experimentations; a study of experimental tradition adaptation towards new musical movement in postmodern british popular culture.” I hope one day u can read it… :D
    Cheers to u and can’t wait for “In Rainbows”

  • Happy Birthday Thom – thanks for giving US the present on Wednesday…can’t wait. Love you guys!!


  • thom, you’ve made a seriously important contribution to the history of human civilization, and an incredibly uplifting contribution it is. all before your 40th birthday. if you ever have any reason to think twice about whether doing what you do means a damn, just think about what radiohead is going to mean to millions and millions of future generations who are going to have hell to pay for what the past and present are going to create in the future. love ya.

  • happy birthday mr yorke! I had a dream about thom too, but is censored ha ha

  • Happy Birthday Thom! I wish the best to you and yours always and in all ways. Peace and much love, Emily

  • Cheers! Happy Happy Birthday!! Look forward to seeing you again…in concert that is.

  • Happy b-day. I hope it goes well, and thanks for all the music you have created, its the best ever!

  • Happy Birthday son

  • Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!!
    Happy birthday dear Thom!!! :)
    Happy birthday to you!!!!

    And many more…Yeah. ;)

    Big hug from me. :)

  • Happy birthday! i ordered the in rainbows set, use the money to buy a really excellent cake

  • Happy Birthday Thom!
    You’re an amazing artist and just a super cool guy.

  • zomg i’m 1 day late! happy belated birthday Thom!!!!

  • o and thank you for everything! hope you had a really good one mate! can’t wait to watch you guys on stage again!!

  • better late than never, hmm? happy birthday, sir.
    you canceled the last show in melbourne nearly four years ago. i have waited ever since for a mere glimpse of you. not a day goes by without thinking about it.
    better late than never, tchocky,
    the earth is round,
    the sky is blue,
    and 2+2=4.
    enjoy it.

  • what a great day for mankind.
    people dont realize it. but for me, radiohead is greater than bach and the beatles and any other artists. simply because the music is the best you can find.

  • Happy Birthday Mate..!
    We can both have a really big party next year.

  • You are indeed an incredible person and you were blessed with genious and humanity…my many thanks and keep up just being like that…always the same person.

  • My birthday is oct.7th too :) :) :) !!! it’s been incredible to me when i knew it :) you’re the best, thom! XD

  • happy birthday mate. I love you 4 ever…


  • thanks for everything thom! have a nice birthd

  • Happy,Happy Birthday!/С Днем Рождения(in Russian)!Your voice is the most charming and beautiful I’ve ever heard!

  • Bon anniversaire Thom !

    I’m one of your chinese fan ,which means i have no religions.

    But Radiohead is my totally Faith !
    when i was sad or happy alone,listening your music,just feel like somebody share with my emotions ..Thank god we have Thom and Radiohead on our planet,i m so scar if ET and UFO comes…

    The Eraser is one of my favorite alubum so far,i love the beat-rythmes of Harrowdown-Hill and love Atom for peace that simple one,You are the God of the music..i wish i still alive to hear all your coming albums,i ve already ordered discbox in rainbows,let us change the industry of the music !!

    i’ve made a movie on youtube which include the outro-rythems of Harrowdown hill. just click my name you can see it,and hope you guys like it.

    Love you thom ! Radiohead Forever.

  • parabéns a você
    nesta data querida
    muitas felecidades muitos anos de vida

    happy birthday to mr. thom york in portuguese.

  • Thom we love you!I hope you had a great birthday and that many more years you can amaze us, you and Radiohead! Thank you for being who you are! :)


  • Happy Birthday Thom!

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