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Johnny Marr, James Blunt on Radiohead move

The music industry woke to a potential revolution today with the first downloads of Radiohead’s In Rainbows album being eagerly copied to MP3 players. Other artists have responded with mixed reactions.

Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys’ singer, told The Times he had been “reading up” about Radiohead’s exercise. He said it was “very interesting”, but would not commit his band to following suit.

James Blunt, the three million-selling singer songwriter said that Radiohead’s approach could undermine the principle that artists should be rewarded for their work.

“I definitely think there is value in music,” he said. “I don’t think they should devalue it. I’ve got to pay a band and a producer and a mixer. I don’t know how I’d necessarily pay them if I sold my albums for 1p. I’d have to work it out, but maybe they know how this works in practice.”

Johnny Marr, the former Smiths guitarist, now a member of US cult band Modest Mouse, is an enthusiastic supporter. “I think it’s a really fantastic idea because it puts the responsibility back on people’s own consciences and deals with people as grown ups,” he said.

Bands will have to up their game, predicted Marr. “Everyone knows you can get your music for free, so let’s see if you really want to show the band your appreciation.”

Artists such as David Bowie, a web pioneer who has one further album to deliver on his current record deal, are said to be taking a close interest in the Radiohead project.

Record companies are expected to fight back by cutting the advance payments they offer stars. Robbie Williams negotiated a record £80 million deal with EMI but the company, under new management, is likely to be less generous when negotiations begin shortly.

Manchester veterans The Charlatans announced that they are giving their new album away as a free download through the XFM website. The band argued that signing to a record company was similar to “joining the army” with a similar lack of financial reward. But the group, who sold out their latest tour within hour, have probably passed their recorded sales peak.

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  • they realy did it this time.
    it´s half world against the other.
    open doors. 😉
    go ahead RADIOHEAD.

  • “US cult band Modest Mouse”
    lol yep such a cult band. what bs

  • 4 words to James Blunt – GTFO you clod

  • I think Johnny Marr’s got it straight enough.
    And the Charlatans have shown that a freebie reaps its rewards further down the line, as did Prince when he gave away his album & then sold out all his shows.
    What Radiohead is doing is really just the next logical step in online music distribution…
    whether it’s Ben Folds releasing internet-only EPs & LPs for sale on the iTunes Store, or Radiohead releasing their album for discrete distribution from their own website…it’s not that different; they’ve merely added the “pay what you can/want”

  • LOLZ at james blunt. the guy just sucks front to back

  • I like the idea that James Blunt pays anyone anything. As if he’s paying out of pocket for his engineer. What a joke.

  • there is absolutely no value in james blunt’s music.

  • James Blunt should also be paying anyone who has to hear any of his “music”.

  • “I definitely think there is value in music,” he [Blunt] said. “I don’t think they should devalue it. I’ve got to pay a band and a producer and a mixer. I don’t know how I’d necessarily pay them if I sold my albums for 1p. I’d have to work it out, but maybe they know how this works in practice.”

    What?! He doesn’t pay for anything. As far as the money, that’s what tours, concerts, and merchandise are for. If Blunt’s only source of income is the 30% cut from the profits of his record sales, he’d be a poor man.

    What a dumbass.

  • Mr. Blunt, can you say “puppet?”


  • Fuck James Blunt. Like he even sees a dollar from each album sold. You know who could fund the albums from now on is the website they release the album on. They could pay for the producer, engineer and so forth. Then the website gets millions of hits and the artist gets some money and millions of albums sold.

  • how dare that james blunt say a thing like that? radiohead devaluing music? coming from him im not surprise the only way he sees value through music is through money. such a dumbass

  • I absolutely abhorred James Blunt’s take on this? Devaluing music? Fuck no! The people are the reason anybody makes any money in music, so they should have some say on what they’re willing to pay for it, and it’s obvious Radiohead sees it that way, as well. They want to be paid for their music, and they know people will pay for it, and that there will be some that won’t. I paid for it, and a lot of my friends have paid for it as well. On top of that, many of them have also pre-ordered the “discbox” set, which is running us around 80$ (USD/CAD) each. And to be honest, it’s no big deal. I’d gladly pay 80$ for the discs, vinyls and the rest that comes with it, and when you look at it, it’s a good price, considering it includes shipping.

    So to James Blunt: quit whining. There are far more people willing to shell out money for Radiohead than his music.

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