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Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ out now

Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ is now available for download. The first emails with an activation code to download the 10 new tracks were received around 7am (UK time). The first reviews of ‘In Rainbows’ are coming in.

The Times: “In Rainbows compounds their stance. In time you’ll scoot to your favourites on In Rainbows – in particular, the baroque fever-folk of Faust Arp is just, when it all comes down, an endlessly repeatable treat – but taken as a whole, In Rainbows adheres to a loose musical narrative of its own. […] All I Need, which lobs another relatively direct Yorke lyric into sonic waters that appear to meander by the Get Carter soundtrack. Listen once and you’re unsure. Listen twice, knowing that, three minutes in, a plangent pounding piano leads you out into a snowblind crescendo of melodic light and, you’re excited before you even get there. Quite how it all ranks alongside other Radiohead albums.” – The Times gave the album 4 stars out of 5 and ironically added Parlophone as the record label.

: “In Rainbows is Radiohead’s most successful attempt to evoke their distinctively edgy atmosphere. Where the band have had a tendency to veer into the ridiculous on occasions – Pyramid Song comes to mind – their seventh album is sublime in its mood-setting achievement. Subtlety is at the heart of its success. […] A greater reliance on crystal-clear strings, seen fleetingly on Kid A, creates a welcome sense of fragility. But it is the overriding feeling of muted dread which creates the album’s dominant, and scintillating, tension. This is Radiohead’s triumph. – Rating: 9/10

Gigwise: Markedly more immediate than their last record, it’s a startling album that, at times, borrows from their previous records, but forever looks forward. Even after these initial listens, it’s clear that this album will stand the test of time. – Gigwise have a track by track review online.

Uncut: “In Rainbows”, as you’re probably aware yourself by now, is a more stripped-down record (record? There’s an error from me for a start) than some of its predecessors. Yorke’s voice still has plenty of reverb on it at times, but there’s generally less of what Stephen Malkmus once described to me as the “Nigel Godrich swoosh”, less of a general blurry ambience.

The instruments sound clearer and more definable, from Jonny Greenwood’s lovely guitar playing (seemingly through a distorted practice amp on “Bodysnatchers”) to the nimble breaks that Phil Selway plays frequently.

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  • Why haven’t i gotten the email yet??? it’s killing me…

  • Why haven’t i got the email yet??? it’s killing me…

  • I received my code around 7.30 am MET so in the UK it would be 6.30 am…or am I wrong?
    So they must have sent them by 6 am or so..

  • Finnish autumn and this record.
    All I Need…

  • “Where the band have had a tendency to veer into the ridiculous on occasions – Pyramid Song comes to mind –”

    All i can say is WTF ?

    Or maybe STFU.


  • I got my email but when I click on my ‘personal activation code’ link it says “I’m sorry, but this activation code has already been used.”

    Has this happened to anyone? I’ve emailed the tech people but no response so far. So frustrating.

  • I really wish the inrainbows website was more responsive. I’ve tried to purchase the download half a dozen times, but I just give up after 15 minutes of trying.

  • musical wonderland. in rainbows is all i need

  • To qwerty (& presumably others)

    If you’re freaking out about not receiving your activation code — check your Bulk/Spam mailbox.
    That’s where I found my email & code this morning and burned myself a CD for the ride to work.

  • Now Listenning… “In Rainbows” ♥

  • Andrew (and others) I also got an error in my download and sent an email to waste about it. It was much faster just to order another download for $0.00, so I suggest to do the same.

  • I’m from Germany, and I ordered the discbox on 1st oct.. but i haven’t gotten the download email yet? I have just the order mail from W.A.S.T.E.. it is now 22:20 in the night..

  • radiohead is great, but I think their best is far behind them. The bends and ok comp are records that can never be touched! hopefully the rainbow record will at least compete with the hypnotic kid a, but that is a long shot!

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