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Radiohead sold 1.2 million ‘In Rainbows’?

The response to Radiohead’s digital release of new album ‘In Rainbows’ has been overwhelming. had dificulties loading, while quite a number of people were still waiting to get their 10 tracks. Makes you wonder how many copies were actually sold.

The band and their long-term management company Courtyard Management have remained tight lipped about the exact sales figures, seemingly in a bid to add a mysterious air around the album.

But Gigwise talked to a source close to the band last night, and discovered that Radiohead have achieved the monumental sales figure of 1.2 million. Even if every person who downloaded the album paid just 10 pence, the band will still rake in a massive £120,000. That figure is likely to be higher, with many speculating the average figure will even out at around the £1 mark.

With growing media hype around the release of ‘In Rainbows’, these unprecedented sales figures look certain to keep on rising. If they finally announce a world tour, audience figures are expected to be higher too. The band will cash in again when the payments clear for the ‘In Rainbows’ box set which are on sale for £40 a go. As expected, Radiohead are the clear victors of this radical way of releasing their album.

For the download version of the album, all rights — musical work and sound recording — are vested with the band, a spokesperson for the U.K.’s collecting society MCPS-PRS Alliance explained to

“No one is being bypassed. Rather the band, in cooperation with us, have created their own model of direct licensing for online,” says the spokesperson. The arrangements do not apply for the physical release — details for which have yet to be disclosed — or for broadcasting, which are being licensed under standard agreements with the collecting society.

Radiohead’s music publisher for the past 15 years, Warner/Chappell, stipulates that “all necessary licenses will be in place to allow proper payment of publishing royalties on both physical and digital sales of ‘In Rainbows.'”

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  • Doesn’t this destroy The Beatles Anthology album single-day record (450,000)? Did it really sell almost 3x more in a single day?

  • I count as 7 sales. my links kept timing out.
    if only we could get the # of emailes used.

  • I know that more people than that have the album. Since the site wasn’t loading a whole bunch of friends of mine were ‘sharing’ the album with each other. I’m sure this happened more places than just around me. Most of them said they were going to go back later when it wasn’t so busy to actually pay for a download. How many have actually done it? Who knows.

  • Yeah, The Other Aaron is right. A lot of people passed it around between each other. Im excited to see the results because from now on it could be considered indie, or bad for majors if they sell less than double platinum in their first day. Also, here’s a really good review of the album at

  • Good News! And the best bit of all; all
    the profits goes to Radiohead, rather
    than to some money grabbing record
    company. After the amount of effort that
    Radiohead have put into ‘In Rainbows’,
    it’s the least they deserve.

  • That’s pretty awesome. It’ll be interesting to find out how much they actually made from this.

    As soon as I have the funds I’m buying the lovely Disc Box.

  • This is an unsubstantiated figure. It’s not official, and a source “close” to the band is horseshit. I’m close to the band, too and I say it was 1.7 million, goddammit.

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