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Thank you for your patience

Well, that was a rough week. Ever since the announcement on October 1st the server went wonky. The enormous amount of visitors had a great impact on the server which made the site invisible at times. Especially, on ‘In Rainbows-day’, when Radiohead’s new album officially leaked 😉

But it’s Wakey, wakey, Rise and Shine… now the site has been split over two servers, which makes Radiohead At Ease run more smoothly. Some recent stories (and comments) have been lost (but most stories restored). Apologies for the inconvenience and all of the downtime/slowness of the past week. Thanks to Expression Networks for the hard work and thanks to all the site visitors for all your patience.

Update: And as it turns out, Radiohead At Ease ranked #24 as Best Unofficial Music Site at the Digital Music Awards this year. Which is actually not bad at all for a non-Radiohead year (well, at least till the day voting closed). So, thank you all for voting. It’s much appreciated.

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  • is a wonderful website and i’m voting for this site each and every year at the Digital Music Awards. Keep on the good work!!!

  • I was getting pretty excited when I could not fly through your website because this is the first site I get into because even when you had to talk about other bands covering radioohead due to the drought that was going on you continue to give me glimpses of hope for my “well being” without Radiohead. Thank you for having all the good news of anticipating Radiohead joy that was to come. Atease “A TEASE” is the BEST WEBSITE. Hands Down. You guys are the best. My joy is coming to your site and getting all the news in Radiohead.

  • Adriaan, thanks for working so hard to keep the site up and running during a very exciting time for Radiohead fans. We sure do appreciate it. 🙂

  • Thank you Ade!

  • Thanks Ade,

    our fan community is the best there is. flaws and all. and we have your nest to thank for it.

  • thanks ade! this site is number one, love it to death.

  • Geweldig werk wat je doet Adriaan, mag ook wel eens gezegd worden!

  • ade, this might sound silly…or fanboyish…but you are a god.

    so there.

  • Ade, thanks for all your work and never charging us, and you may get some wider recognition after all. If the sales figures come out for In Rainbows and it turns out a shocking number of people paid for what they could have got free, and it inspires other bands to try the same, I won’t be surprised if some music reporters investigate this site for its role in defining that understanding between the band and audience that helped make this happen, what it means to be a Radiohead fan/former fan/etc. The subculture of places like this and what effect they have on word of mouth seems to go completely unnoticed by the mainstream media, and this time when they literally did no marketing themselves, it obviously mattered (Kid A was a promotional blitz in comparison). Imagine an article series on a week in the life of Atease! Would fuck with a lot of people’s idea of what a Radiohead fansite might be like.

  • OMG this is an Dutch site?
    Im from holland whahaha..
    Anyway, great website. Je houd ons echt goed up to date!
    And In rainbows is better than HTT, Amnesiac and Pablo Honey. OkC, Kid a (!) and The Bends are just so classic. Its hard to say that IR is better. Anyway, because of this huge hype and stuff I decided to make an account lol. Thank you radiohead for bringing this album. I know you guys for only 5 months and youre now my favourite band in the world! period! Many many thanks cause I experiencedone of youre albums and I wasnt even waiting 4 years for this like the most fans did after HTTT was not so good (i like it though). This is way better than HTTT. I cried at Reckoner. Need I say more?

  • wakey wakey rise and shine, on again and OFF AGAIN!
    this site seems to have attached itself to my life and it physically hurts when its down
    but really really thankyou and yes you are a god

  • I can give you no more praise, but I’ll give you an extra thank you: thank you for indeed keeping up one of the two websites I neurotically visit (the other being my mailbox-site).

    Also, in general I also have praise for the English you use as a Dutchy. However, as a fellow Dutchy who has made the same mistake time and again, I would like to make you aware of the fact that countable objects such as visitors) are correctly referred to with ‘a number of’, instead of the ‘amount of’ you used.

    But keep up the good work!

  • You the man Ade, keep up the fantastic work!

  • Thanks a lot Adriaan for me this site is the #1

  • Adriaan – you are the best – seriously. Thanks for keeping the best site out here for all of us to enjoy. Next year we will be voting for the #1 spot!

  • Thanks for the hard work Ade!

  • Thank you for your great work over the years!

  • thanks for all the hard work 🙂

  • Thanks for all that you do to keep us up to date on all the Radiohead news.

  • Thank you so much for running the site, Adrian. Without a doubt the best unofficial band site I have ever seen (and enjoyed). Hope you enjoy doing it as much as we enjoy visiting it.

  • i think the fact that atease was beaten by oasis, coldplay, and about 10 linkin park sites, there must have been something fishy going on. atease will always be my #1!

  • THANK YOU for making my online usage so enjoyable! On another note, why does everybody think no one is buying the Stanley Donwood book “Dead Children Playing” on I can’t wait to buy it, but it seems odd that no one is commenting on it….

  • thanx for the daily info. i’m sure thom and the guys appreciate this site.

  • Thanks so much for all your hard work and the new look of the site you created a few months ago looks great!

  • This site is a classic.
    A real enthusiastic work.


  • i just want to say thank you for your great work!

  • great job
    when I go forwards, you go backwards
    And somewhere we will meet
    when I go forwards, you go backwards
    And somewhere we will meet

    Riot shields
    Voodoo economics (bloodshed, bloodshed)
    It’s just business
    Cattle prods and the IMF
    I trust I can rely on your vote

  • Oh.Yes..This past week was total madness. Maybe next time when Radiohead announce a album,Ateaseweb should be prepared.
    (shovel,boots,gloves,etc etc) 😉

    I think it will be even bigger madness for next album.

    We will see in next 2 till 4 years…

  • Incredible.
    This is why I love this band.
    Absolutely original. Fuck the industry.
    The Beatles of our time…but even
    BETTER! I’m moved, I’m inspired, I’m
    completely dumbfounded. My respect for
    Radiohead has grown beyond anything else
    in the music industry.

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