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Indie labels close to win ‘In Rainbows’ bidding war

Radiohead is close to signing a series of deals to release its next album, ‘In Rainbows’ independently and leave the major record companies behind.According to The New York Times, the band is close to a deal to release the CD version of the album in North America through a pact with the music complex headed by Coran Capshaw, the impresario best known for guiding the career of the Dave Matthews Band.

The band is expected to market the album internationally through the British label XL Recordings, according to people briefed on the band’s plans.

The independent labels appear poised to win a bidding war for the band’s album that had included suitors like Warner Brothers Records, Columbia Records and, at one point, Starbucks, whose corporate label has signed artists including Paul McCartney.

Under the proposed deal, Radiohead would license the album, “In Rainbows,” for a specified period of time but retain ownership of the recording.

Side One, a fledgling label being spun off from Mr. Capshaw’s management company, Red Light, would release the album domestically in concert with another of Mr. Capshaw’s companies, ATO Records.

Radiohead’s previous album ‘Hail to the Thief’ has sold roughly a million copies domestically, and the band’s managers have said they viewed the recent name-your-price offer, in part, as a test of whether the availability of cheap (or free) music online would reduce the band’s future CD sales.

Representatives for the band and Red Light declined to comment.

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  • of course its going to lower the cd sales. der.
    but people will certainly pay for the artwork and the physical album, plus the opportunity to have a great quality version.

  • Of course, the article fails to mention
    that XL released Thom Yorke’s solo album.

  • hopefully they don’t release the bonus-disk as well.
    that would be kind of unfair to those who paid lots of money for the online-pre-order-thing.

  • but on the other hand: whatever!
    the special edition looks so fucking great!

  • No, hopefully they DO release the bonus disc (although I don’t expect them to). Music shouldn’t be only for people who can afford $80.

  • In response to ARP, I waited to see if the album, would indeed come out on cd and how. 80$ for me is too expensive….specially that I don’t care at all about vinyls (never had a player). So if a double-cd version around 30$ comes out I will be happy to pay it…otherwise I might have to download the extra songs. Why should I be penalized for not having the 8 extra songs when I may not be as rich as you are….specially when the increase doesn’t cover the 8 songs only but things I don’t care about (vinyls and artwork…I care about music that’s it!)

  • i shun over-consumption of material possesions
    which is why i don’t care for the $80 for the
    box set, nor am I planning to buy any CD
    if it is realsed. this music is amazing and
    i’m willing to pay anything for it. Can’t
    wait to download the 8 bonus songs.

  • It is just me, or does it seem like Radiohead as taken advantage of its true fan base in order to guarantee income for their new music. Hear me out. They release their new album as “pay what you want”. Obviously many newbies and casual fans have downloaded this for free. However, they also make available 8 additional songs for $80. They knew the true fans would shell out this money. So, basically the true fans are subsidizing the casual fans that have downloaded the album for free. Thoughts?

  • so thats the point. the whole release of course is an experiment, but based on the fans honoring the option of paying what they want and the option to buy a real piece of art. its expensive indeed but will also take a bunch of money to be produced. i’m still very exited about the whole release and i can’t wait to get my box. and i REALLY hope that there were enough people paying a good price for this fantastic release so that the next possible piece of radiohead-music will find exactly the same way to us.
    but maybe my thoughts are just naive…

  • ” at one point, Starbucks…”

  • Larry: It’s incorrect to say that those who ordered the discbox did so merely for the bonus disc. Doubtless there are plenty of fans who can afford it, but $10 a song is an extremely unreasonable price even if you do have the money.

    However, if you collect vinyl and imports, it’s not a bad deal at all. Radiohead LPs go for $20-$50, and if you think of the bonus disc as an import EP you’d probably be shelling out $30 to get it, plus the artwork. And the price tag on the discbox includes shipping, which can be very expensive if you’re outside the UK. Considering all this, $80 may still be slightly overpriced, but I really don’t think it’s asking too much if you’re a serious music collector.

    Not only that, but we don’t actually know for sure if the download will affect CD sales. Personally, I’ve talked to a lot of people who can’t wait to get the CD because they want to hear In Rainbows at a higher bitrate but didn’t want to buy the discbox. Anyway, ignoring the CD sales, you can look at it this way: there’s basically no production cost for the download. Yes, I’m sure they’ve paid quite a bit for that fancy hosting of theirs, but I bet that doesn’t come close to the cost of printing and distributing albums. So when users DO pay for the download, it’s almost pure profit. They don’t need to be “subsidized” by discbox sales.

  • i wonder if thom got turned onto dave mathews guy when he came up to bridge school when mixing httt. dave was there that year.

  • Larry, you’re smoking some bad stuff man.

    you have to understand, this discbox is selling for 80 bucks, but its going to be a limited run. you think they’re going to sell it forever? people are crying right now that its too expensive. wait a couple of years down the line when the discbox is out of print. its going to be selling for twice as much on ebay and those who were whinning about it being too expensive are going to be crying EVEN HARDER. truth is, you’re shelling out money for a TRUE COLLECTOR’S ITEM, not “eight extra songs” like you pointed out.

  • Maybe if those who buy the Boxset and later are able to get the record spinning, their will be even more bonus tracks on it… YEAH!!!
    Or maybe just a record that is useless to about 80% of the consumers… What do you think?

  • Maybe Radiohead are in coohoots with Record Player Makers.

  • and maybe radiohead decides to put the bonus – tracks online after releasing their album in stores. who knows…
    anyway, the box won’t be useless to those who ordered it. damn, just look at it.

  • if I did not pay anything before the download, how can I do so now?

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