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The Ultimate Radiohead Top 20 – 2007

We’re set for another ultimate Radiohead Top 20 at The 2007 edition will again be be hosted and broadcast by Phoenix FM. With the release of ‘In Rainbows’ we have 10 new songs to add to the poll.

In the 2005 edition of the Ultimate Radiohead Top 20, Paranoid Android was the top song voted by readers. You can cast your vote right here. The show will be broadcast on Saturday 1 December 2007, 8pm UK time – on Phoenix FM. You can also listen online live by then. But more on that later. Please cast your vote!

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  • I can’t decide 🙁

  • we suck young blood

  • 1. Lucky
    2. How To Disappear Completely
    3. Where I End And You Begin
    4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    5. Karma Police
    6. Like Spinning Plates
    7. Idioteque
    8. Dollars & Cents
    9. I Want None of This
    10. Backdrifts

  • mmmm tough tough tough….the bends, let down, pearly, national anthem, all I need, climbing up the walls?? too many great songs to give a number one

  • i think i picked…

    how to disappear completely
    climbing up the walls
    rabbit in your headlights
    all i need
    amazing sounds of orgy
    india rubber
    i might be wrong
    pyramid song

    for now anyway.

  • holy shit I just realised I FORGOT PARANOID ANDROID. I also forgot what i voted for and put them in a random order…

  • What’s their criteria for “Radiohead song?” Why is This Mess We’re In on there? And Rabbit In Your Headlights? And for that matter Give It Up, The Chains, etc. I don’t even think Follow Me Around deserves a spot on a list like this, but it’s more understandable.

  • This is impossible…

  • they’re radiohead related…just think of it as an opportunity to give some attention to those songs

  • a tough one indeed i decided on
    2.the tourist
    4.paranoid android
    5.i might be wrong to dissapear completely
    7.a wolf at the door
    8.knives out
    9.karma police
    10.street spirit

  • bulletproof (i wish i was…)
    fake plastic trees
    everything in it’s right place
    all i need
    pyramid song
    planet telex
    there there
    talk show host

  • I agree with Ryan. “This Mess We’re In” and “Rabbit In Your Headlights” aren’t Radiohead songs. As much as I love Thom as a solo artist, Ed, Phil and the Greenwood lads are a huuuuge part of the Radiohead sound. I think it’s slighting their role in the band to include those tunes (as much as I love both UNKLE and PJ Harvey).

  • I voted but, as I am not yet ready to fully enjoy the album, I have not yet heard it, all my selections were for past albums and, even then, it’s a tough — ultimately misleading — choice:

    1. True Love Waits
    2. How to Disappear Completely
    3. Like Spinning Plates
    4. Motion Picture Soundtrack
    5. Let Down
    6. Idioteque
    7. Airbag
    8. Sit Down Stand Up
    9. Wolf at the Door
    10. Videotape (because, based on the bootleg, it’s been my favorite for over a year, but I don’t know how it turned out on the album)

    PS I’m a bit confused as to whether I submitted 5-7 in that order, though.

  • Hey, begemoth! Thanks again for uploading that Radiohead doc!

  • It’s really hard to rank Radiohead songs.

    Paranoid Android is my favorite song of all time, but after that… uh. Let Down? Idioteque? There are so many good ones. Let Down is my favorite Radiohead song that none of my friends care about, though. 😉

  • Picking an *order* was too hard, so I did kinda general-picking… I don’t remember what order I did vote for them in, but for my top ten I said:

    A Wolf at the Door (my #1)
    There There
    Where I End and You Begin
    Paranoid Android
    Let Down
    I Might Be Wrong
    Kid A
    Pyramid Song
    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    Bulletproof (I Wish I Was…)

  • Its so cool there are people like you in the world. I can sit back and read about people argue over Radiohead songs. They have made maybe two hundred songs and counting. I’ll take every one of them and sit back with a smile. you are great fans.

  • Eh, they’re cover of Rhinestone Cowboy wasn’t on the list 🙁

  • very difficult this top 10, but here’s mine:

    1.there there
    2.exit music (for a film)
    3.paranoid android
    4.everything in it’s right place
    5.pyramid song
    6.the national anthem
    7.fake plastic trees to disappear completely
    9.packt like sardines in a crushd tin box

  • This is just utterly impossible. Not just to pick the top ten, but to pick a favorite…. What about the ’98 version of Nude… if that was a choice, that’d be number one. Sadly, it’s not =(

  • it’s impossible…but i try

    1. paranoid android
    2. idioteque
    3. street spirit
    4. a wolf at the door
    5. exit music
    6. scatterbrain
    7. all i need
    8. fake plastic trees
    9. climbing up the wall
    10. just
    11. pyramid song
    12. i might be wrong
    13. reckoner
    14. morning bell
    15. airbag
    16. like spinning plates
    17. let down
    18. nice dream
    19. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    20. 15 step

    and many more……….

  • sorry but i can´t vote.
    my hands are tied.
    all musics are great.
    off course that some are better then others but… i can´t choose.

  • It´s really difficult to choose.. Every their song is great and I love each of their songs. But for this moment are for me the most amazing these songs:

    All I Need
    Climbing Up The Walls
    Pyramid Song
    I Might Be Wrong
    House Of Cards
    Everything In Its Right Place
    Exit Music
    National Anthem
    There There

    and many many many other Radiohead´s songs that are as beautiful as these are…

  • How come none of you voted for Jigsaw falling into place?! I think it’s one of their greatest songs. It deserves the top 20. But number one, I can’t decide, it’s too hard. Imposible.

  • 1. Nude
    2. Paranoid Android
    3. How To Disappear Completely
    4. Pyramid Song
    5. Let Down
    6. True Love Waits
    7. Videotape
    8. Fake Plastic Trees
    9. Like Spinning Plates
    10. The National Anthem

    This is a little bit random though. Lucky, There There, Talk Show Host, Fog.. and many more deserve to be on the list…

  • Bloody hell that was tough! Never thought about my top 10 till now. Should be a great show.

  • Opps forgot my 10

    Wheres the Love for Arpeggi great on In Rainbows.

    Everything in its right place
    let down
    Dollars and cents
    The National Anthem
    All I need
    Planet Telex

  • Weird Fishes
    Like Spinning Plates
    Pyramid Song
    How to Disappear Completely
    All I Need
    Everything In Its Right Place
    Faust Arp

  • 1.) True Love Waits
    2.) Fog (Again)
    3.) Spinning Plates
    4.) How To Disappear Completely
    5.) Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    6.) Pyramid Song
    7.) Sail To The Moon
    8.) Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    9.) Videotape
    10.) Optimistic

  • Well, I’d say…

    1. Exit Music
    2. Paranoid Android
    3. Like Spinning Plates
    4. Fake Plastic Trees
    5. Climbing Up the Walls
    6. True Love Waits
    7. Lucky
    8. Videotape
    9. How to Disappear
    10. Idiotèque
    11. 2 + 2 = 5
    12. Sit Down, Stand Up
    13. All I Need
    14. Reckoner
    15. We Suck Young Blood
    16. Karma Police
    17. Planet Telex
    18. Arpeggi
    19. Orgy
    20. You & Whose Army ?

  • Just after the new cd is out,
    i guess the new songs will be in the top 20 😛

  • let down
    let down
    let down
    let down
    let down
    let down

  • Damn, this is hard … like choosing between your children or something. After some consternation, I’ve come up with a Top Ten song list. But on another day I might choose differently:

    1. Karma Police
    2. Reckoner
    3. The Bends
    4. Subterranean Homesick Alien
    5. Knives Out
    6. Pyramid Song
    7. Nude
    8. Paranoid Android
    9. There There
    10. Creep

    More than just a Tope Ten collection, I tried to pick ten songs here that reflect the best of Radiohead, to my ears, from their start to the present.

    I think this is largely a ridiculous endeavor but fun nonetheless.

  • 1. Fake Plastic Trees
    2. Like Spinning Plates
    3. Big Ideas / Nude
    4. True Love Waits
    5. Let Down
    6. The National Anthem
    7. How To Disapear Competely
    8. Street Spirit
    9. Where I End And You Begin
    10. High & Dry

  • i can’t rank the tracks, seems pointless really. but here are the 10 tracks that come to me right now.

    # everything in its right place
    # 15 Step
    # Faust Arp
    # Life in a Glass House
    # How to Disappear Completely
    # Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    # Sit Down / Stand Up
    # Fog
    # Dollars and Cents
    # Pyramid Song
    # Airbag

    As you can tell I prefer the more recent albums(not so much Hail to the Thief, however)

  • 1. Street Spirit
    2. How to Disappear Completely
    3. Where I End And You Begin
    4. Idioteque
    5. Fake Plastic Trees
    6. All I Need
    7. Just
    8. You and Whose Army
    9. Let Down
    10. Everything In Its Right Place
    11. How I Made Millions
    12. Videotape
    13. 15 Step
    14. 2+2=5
    15. Paranoid Android
    16. The Trickster
    17. Exit Music
    18. Climbing Up The Walls
    19. I Might Be Wrong
    20. Pyramid Song

  • No “I Froze Up” makes me a sad panda.

    #1 = Gagging Order

  • 1. Let Down
    2. Weird Fishes
    3. The Tourist
    4. National Anthem
    5. There There
    6. Fake Plastic Tree
    7. Paranoid Android
    8. Nude
    9. How to Disappear Completely
    10. 2+2=5

  • Who’s this Warner Chappel Character and how do we get all the songs that were written by Radiohead but I’ve never heard before. That would be nice to get a boxset of ALL their music… I’d pay a couple hundred for that Boxset.

  • good morning!! bell!

  • 1. How To Disappear Completely
    2. Climbing Up The Walls
    3. Like Spinning Plates (Live)
    4. Idioteque
    5. Pyramid Song
    6. Down Is The New Up (From The Basement)
    7. Meeting In The Aisle
    8. Follow Me Around
    9. Exit Music (For A Film)
    10. How I Made My Millions

  • 10. is either true love waits or how i made my millions actually…

  • anybody have the list from 2005??

  • Not much rockers eh!
    1 the bends
    2 Anyone can play guitar
    3 paranoid android
    4 planet telex
    5 bodysnatchers
    6 killer cars
    7 pearly
    8 2+2=5
    9 knives out
    10 just

  • How come nobody chose my number one anywhere?

    1. Motion Picture Soundtrack
    2. Lucky
    3. Exit Music (For A Film)
    4. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    5. Pyramid Song
    6. Karma Police
    7. Idioteque
    8. Paranoid Android
    9. Nude
    10.The National Anthem

  • I went;
    2.Let Down
    3.You and whose army?
    4.Paranoid android
    6.Exit music
    7.Karma Police
    9.There There
    10.Sit down, stand up
    what could be more difficult?!?!

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