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2nd edition ‘Dead Children Playing’ out now

Dead Children PlayingAs reported earlier, the picture book by Stanley Donwood & Dr. Tchock (Thom Yorke) ‘Dead Children Playing’ was scheduled for a second release this month. The book features artwork from roughly the past 10 years (1996 – 2006) used for Radiohead’s albums and Thom Yorke’s ‘The Eraser’.

The first edition of ‘Dead Children Playing’ was released last year to accompany Stanley Donwood & Dr. Tchock’s exhibition in Spain and quickly sold out. Publisher Verso has issued the second edition, with a couple of pages of text added to each ‘era of artwork’ and a different cover: ‘Manhattan’ from the ‘Hail to the Thief’ series.

The book is again released as hardcover which holds 80 pages. For those who have waited and didn’t get the first edition, actually have a better price with this version from Verso as the price is much more interesting, with retail prices set at US$15.95 / £9.99 / CAN$20. ‘Dead Children Playing: A Picture Book’ is probably even cheaper when ordered at or

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  • I got it from for £7.49 and free delivery! Definitely a good buy.

  • Yep, I got it on Amazon for about $14 including shipping a week ago.
    Buy this thing, it’s amazing!

  • […] wrote an interesting post today on 2nd edition â

  • got it from borders for 15

  • I at least got the first edition signed from, and it came with a extra cut out pic of stanly donwood signed too

  • How much was the first edition? Can I still buy that one?

  • Umm the first edition was released a year ago. If I remember correctly it wasn’t that pricey for the non signed version, but the signed copy was over 100 bucks. I still wish to this day though I forked over the cash then…but atleast now I get a second chance.

  • I got it at Chapters for $20 Canadian. The U.S. price was $15 U.S.D., which is weird considering that the CDN dollar is worth more than the U.S. dollar now. Ah well. Inflation is a bitch but it was well worth it. Beautiful book.

  • There’s a competition to win the book along with unique artwork over at the Guradian Unlimited homepage. Here:,,2199051,00.html
    Check it out.

  • I got my copy today, it’s a fucking beautiful book. Worth well more than the $10 I paid for it.

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