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Radiohead, XL Label Deal Completed

Radiohead has ended weeks of speculation by confirming it has struck a deal with British indie label XL Recordings for the physical release of its new album, “In Rainbows.”

The deal is expected to cover territories outside North America, leaving the band free to sign a separate deal there, but no further details have yet been made available.

A release date for the physical CD has also not been given, but sources suggest it will coincide with the Dec. 3 arrival of the “discbox” edition of “In Rainbows” available only from Others speculate it may not appear until next year.

The band broke the industry rulebooks when they made “In Rainbows” available for download on Oct. 10, with fans able to name their own price. No sales figures have been released, but the band’s manager Bryce Edge told Billboard recently that reports of 1.2 million were “exaggerated.”

London-based XL, which operates under the umbrella of the Beggars Group, last year released Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s critically lauded solo album, “The Eraser,” which was nominated for the annual Mercury Music Prize.

“Radiohead are a constant inspiration to us all, because they unfailingly put creativity first. XL is more than honoured to be working with Radiohead,” explained XL founder Richard Russell of the deal.

“Radiohead have created a huge amount of excitement via the unique way in which they launched this campaign online,” added the label’s Managing Director Ben Beardsworth. “‘In Rainbows’ is truly a classic album and it deserves to reach a massive audience, well beyond that of download and boxset sales. We will be working closely with them to help deliver that.”

[from Billboard, NME, thx Tanner]

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  • Well done Radiohead! XL Rocks! DEATH TO EMI!!!!

  • emi can suck itself

  • who would buy it?

  • EMI treated Radiohead like Gods, after ‘The Bends’. They were allowed to do anything they wanted. If you want to say “death to all major record labels, fine”. But “Death to EMI” is retarded in the extreme…

  • Also, unless XL makes a release announcement within the next couple of days, there is no way the retail cd will be ready by December 3rd. No record company, major or minor, has ever not given at least 4 weeks notice, prior to release (since the 60’s, anyway)…

  • Smart moves fellas. Can’t wait to buy it.

  • good news

  • Radiohead Forever

  • well done lads

  • super! XL. radiohead. the best underground label. well done

  • It’s Lottery for XL

  • hmmm…wonder if the label release will include all 18 songs? ……add to the excitement a bit don’t you think? ..the discbox buyers are hardcore..and won’t mind…really they won’t

  • a lottery to a certain extent, but this innovation is so exciting compared to the stale mould music has been confined to up to now that the publicity it’ll gain will counteract the lack of time left before the 3rd December release date.

  • They could have signed with “Parappa the Rapper Records” and I would have bought the album anyway. They’re really moving and their music renders my life so intense and positive to let me stay in peace with myself and others. It’s a huge band.

  • yes yes yes yes yes.

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  • i too wonder if its the album + the extra songs or not.

    my guess its just the album itself (without extra stuff). otherwise, having them selling the discobox would be useless in a way. unless, some fan wants both vinyls and cds at the same time. who knows.

    i only want vinyls. 🙂

  • @ e

    anyone who hasnt downloaded the album yet, yes there a lot of people still out there, and diehards like me

  • 🙂

  • Nice!

  • how does not downloading the official album release make you a “diehard?”

  • […] confirms it has struck a deal with British indie label XL Recordings for physical release of new album, In Rainbows. Filed […]

  • Maury:

    I think he meant that there were two kinds of people that would buy the cd:

    1: anyone who hasnt downloaded the album yet, yes there a lot of people still out there, and

    2: diehards like me

    So, not non-downloaders=diehards, but non-downloaders+diehards, which is sort of saying the opposite.

  • I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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