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EMI to release 7 CD Radiohead Box Set

Following the annoucement to release Radiohead’s new album ‘In Rainbows’ through XL Recordings in Europe, Radiohead’s previous label (EMI/Parlophone) is going to re-release all other albums in 7 CD Box Set, a USB Stick and as a digital bundle on December 10th exclusivily through

All six of Radiohead’s Parlophone studio albums (‘Pablo Honey’, ‘The Bends’, ‘OK Computer’, ‘Kid A’, ‘Amnesiac’, and ‘Hail To The Thief’) plus live album (‘I Might Be Wrong’) will be available together in a specially packaged box set from December 10th, featuring original artwork in exclusive digipack sleeves, which is available for pre-order as of today from . The box set is priced at £39.99

Also released for pre-order on the same day, with the same contents, is a strictly limited edition Radiohead USB Stick, the first to hold a major global artist’s entire back catalogue at CD-quality WAV files and digital artwork on a 4Gb memory stick. The £79.99 USB Stick is in the shape of the iconic Radiohead ‘bear’. You can also order a digital bundle of all seven albums, as DRM-free 320kbps mp3 files, accompanied by digital artwork for £34.99.

Purchasers of the limited edition physical Box Sets will be given access to stream special footage via ‘Digital Insert’ technology.

Miles Leonard, Managing Director Parlophone, said of the releases, “We are delighted to offer new and existing fans the chance to get Radiohead’s albums in a box set. We are particularly excited about the USB stick, which gives fans an easy and portable way to carry the box set and provides another way of bridging the world between on-line and off-line content.”

radiohead box set

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  • only an idiot would buy this

    though that memory stick does look cool

  • They just can’t let it go.
    EMI couldn’t get Radiohead to sign another contract so they decided to suck money out of what they had/

  • just in time for christmas, eh emi? tossers!

  • 320? I want .ogg for that price!

  • I want that flash drive. But for £79.99? EMI can blow me.

  • Only $35 to ship the $80 box set to the US!!!!!!

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  • yeah, the usb stick, seem cool. would like that, but at 80 pounds (which is 180 aussie dollars). emi can keep that! my god thats a rip off! wav files are worth how much again!?! … they should of done ‘pay what like’ – that would be funny!

  • what #1 said

  • whaaaaaaaat ? .

  • 11

  • Ya, um no.
    The usb is cool, but that’s all. Not worth the money at all.

  • i could be sick. would have radiohead had to of agreed to any of this? i hope not. i have an idea, lets make our own usb stick and sell it for half the price give radiohead half, and then making approximately 500% profit.

  • bennyfj tu as raison.

  • An idiot that loves radiohead…like me NOT YOU.

  • the box set would be the cheapest way to buy all of the radiohead albums if you don’t get used CD’s. I’ve seen Ok Computer selling for $15(US) so I mean, if I was a new fan or whatever, I’d probably go with the box set.

  • No, Radiohead don’t have to agree on this afaik…
    And I bet they didn’t.
    Ok, those digipacks look nice, but the design of the box itself is such a crap…
    nah…hope nobody buys that shit…

  • I’m surprised they haven’t done a singles release, though that may come next year. I don’t think bands can stop a label doing this. I remember Sony told Oasis that they were putting one out no matter what so Noel got involved if only to make it a bit more credible than a straight hits set. I would hope RH would do the same, pick the tracks themselves.

  • Way to cash in, EMI.

    But dammit, are those bears adorable or what?

  • as much as i would buy pretty much anything with “radiohead” connected to it, i’m not even considering this. i would buy the usb for $50 max, and everything else is just a w.a.s.t.e.

  • i like albums that come in digipaks, but not that much

  • hmmm…. at least this gives me inspiration to make my own radiohead 4gb USB drive… a new DIY project 😀

    and i can add in rainbows to it, and maybe some EPs too…. hell, maybe i’ll buy a really big USB drive and put the whole towering on it. *shrugs* but buying it from EMI is stupid. no true fan would do that.

  • EMI is crazy for not getting to contract with Radihead

  • Radiohead

  • This is pathetic!!!

  • sick.
    at least it’s not a ‘greatest hits’. well, in a way, it is.

  • for new fans only, no thx emi

  • what a scam

  • song list:

    1) High and Dry
    2) Creep
    3) Fake Plastic Trees

    Bonus Content on USB drive:

    1) Tell Me Bitch

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  • the stick looks awesome
    but 167 dollars?



  • i’m ashamed to say that i’m tempted. i mean, i have them all already, of course, but i’m a recovering collection freak. i see “new digipack sleeves!” and i get a bit of a twitch.

    luckily i don’t have the money these days anyway… so yeah. “fuck you, emi!” etcetera.

  • p.s.: the pricing on the usb stick is absolutely fucking outrageous, considering i wouldn’t even buy it for $10.

  • radiohead fans: someone set us up teh box!

    emi/capitol/parlophone: all yr box r blong to us!

    radiohead: u know what u doing!

  • I’ve got those already. 🙂

  • the 7disc set is a fucking steal for new fans

    i think the usb stick is aimed at the hardcore fans like us, but fuck that im not buying even if it does look cool

  • I’ve been waiting for Radiohead to sign to a new label just so EMI would finally release a beautifully packaged complete b-sides box set…not some half arsed album collection with no bonus tracks etcetera etcetera…nice work guys, close, but no cigar

  • Yes the USB stick looks nice, but not for that price. What are EMI playing at?! They’re useless, they really are.

  • If I didn’t already own all the albums I would have just downloaded them on free torrents and then pay £40 for an In Rainbows download, therefore giving the band money for the music but nothing to EMI! Mwahahaha.

    £80 for a USB stick is ridiculous! Even if it’s in the shape of my favorite bear in the world!

  • Dammit, I want the digipaks. And I want the set because I’m a completionist.

    But it’s wayyy to expensive. Eff sakes.

  • Holy crap what’s the profit margin on that USB stick? What a joke EMI.

  • “… new and existing fans …”?
    As for existing fans – we’ve already bought it, don’t you know?. As for new fans – it’s unfair to sell it with such an enormous price. Such a cheap trick!! !
    As Radiohead fan, i’m very disappointed that EMI – label that have released all their albums – turned in to bunch of greedy people (just don’t want to use the offensive lexic)
    It’s unbeliveable, disgustful and mean.

  • This is pathetic!
    They want to earn money from a band.
    I think they wont sell much of those

  • how can one just get the stick by


  • Hehhehehehehehehehehehehee
    Not buying any of this is surely the only reasonable option – but won’t it nag at all of you that this substantial chunk of Radioheadalia is out there and NOT part of your collection?

  • The USB stick is way cool but EMI are completely insane to charge so much. In rainbows is brilliant.

  • Ha ha ha!! Mais c’est quoi c’est merde,( crap) Bon, une autre fois nous voyons à quel point EMI et l’industrie commencent à tirer dans tous les sens, l’idée semble bonne, mais sans ajout de chansons live, ou extraits vidéos, c’est se fouttre de la gueule des gens. EMI devrait se rasseoir!!!

  • Right if Radiohead said yes to this, then I would be slightly upset. This offers nothing for fans except an extremely overpriced USB stick.
    If this is EMI being twisted mo-fo’s, then this just shows you what this world is. A greedy, sick and jealous world.

    I am waiting for “whoops I dint format did I?”

    £80! Surely the EU can investigate for overpricing!

  • It’s £5.71 per album, if I didn’t already own them I’d be buying them at that price. However, i’m not going to buy them because I DO own them, and I’m going to use my right to NOT BUY THEM AGAIN. Jesus some people get wound up over nothing. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it….. then chill de funk out essa’.

  • the usb is cool, but ditto on the overprice. FU EMI. I’m so effing happy RH are with XL recordings now.

  • what a load of crap.
    Who in their right mind are gonna pay 80 pounds for a computer disk? Its clearly aimed at the people that visit this site, but please is anyone here stupid enough to pay this much for a catalog they already own, just because its ‘limited edition’
    ‘bridging the world betweeon on and offline entertainment’??? That had already been achieved when RH made In Rainbows online and let their fans choose how much to pay for it. I can imagine the meeting with the EMI/parlophone execs and their ‘digital initiatives’ meeting when the flash drive was passed around the room.
    Get with it EMI, over the last ten years we have seen this label go from being the most prestigous label in the country to one that is a joke- no wonder the company was bought out. Thank gos theres a coldplay album coming out next year so they dont have to rely on their catalog to bring in revenue- they should be out there signing the next new radiohead instead of serving up crap like this and giving pete doherty millions of pounds.
    Please anyone tempted to buy this piece of crap, put the money towards a couple of live tickets, a nice day out, or whatever- this is not worthy of your hard earned cash.
    wankers, bunch of wankers.

  • hum..I don’t think that the usb stick could fit anywhere on my pc.It’s freakin large!

    Anyway useless box,stupid usb thing damn emi blablabla

  • If anyone intelligent worked at EMI, they would’ve put out a box with all the singles and EPs

  • EMI saw the writing on the wall and decided to cash in. No true fan would buy this, particularly in light of what Radiohead have just done with the release of In Rainbows. Radiohead should cover the Pistols’ “EMI” as a download only track. And EMI should … blow me.

  • Man, EMI are sons of bitches. It pisses me off that some people will buy this instead of purchasing the In Rainbows deluxe version. Funny how the price is the same. Did the band have any say in this release?

  • Yeah, no true fan would buy this. They’d buy the numerous albums, EPs, singles, and videos released by the same greedy corporation. But not this.

  • wat now

  • Those sons of bitches

  • son of a bitch

  • I don’t see the point of this as it isn’t
    the end of Radiohead’s career…

  • this is kind of off topic, but could
    someone tell me what that one song was
    that people claimed Radiohead had
    copied? (although I don’t think so, it
    was a good song though). It used to be on here, but I guess
    Ade deleted it. Thank you.

  • To the comment above, it’s the end of their career with EMI. I’m a Collector of Radiohead goods. Fuck. I don’t have enough money to buy it, so that makes me feel good ‘cos it’s fucking ridiculous…. I can’t believe EMI owns even Radiohead’s art (usb thingy)?! Who designed the box of the box set? lol… Not Stanley Donward or Dr. Tchock… It’s quite boring, the box is.

  • you know, with the design on the flash stick, i’m sure there’ll be all kinds of hell to pay for it not fitting into certain usb slots. i mean look at it. i dont even thing it would get all the way into the slots on my laptop. fuggin garbage, i’m pissed. cool idea but come on.

  • Why is the Amnesiac box opened like that? It doesn’t seem any special to me, looks identical to the regular one I purchased in the store, no changes what-so-ever, what’s the big idea?

  • Let’s boycott this. And forget about it.

  • Hmm… I have them already.
    Why would anyone buy this stuff?

  • Does anyone know specifically what are
    the terms of radiohead’s old contract
    with emi? does ownership of the music
    and artwork belong to emi or to radiohead?
    do the publishing rights at some point
    revert to radiohead after a period of time?
    does emi’s ownership apply only to
    officially released albums, or everything
    radiohead recorded while under contract?
    like many respondents here, i wonder
    about an eventual box set of singles,
    eps, unreleased, perhaps bundled with
    live material and/or dvds. there is a lot
    of money to be made off of us loyal radiohead
    buyers, but they have to put out the right product.
    this box is shite, and it won’t save emi
    or hurt sales of in rainbows. i’ll be
    buying the physical cd in addition
    to the disc box of in rainbows. suck it emi.

  • cnn just had a bleep about in rainbows.
    62% of people who dl the album payed nothing for it. the other 38% payed an avg of $6.

  • Quite amusing to see the reason Radiohead didn’t want anything more to do with these cunts in their immediate response to Radiohead’s leaving. Talk about toys out of the pram!

  • With regard to mike’s question regarding rights of release –

    Nobody really knows. It’s usually joint ownership. With the band owning their own publishing, and the label owning all recordings (released or unreleased).

    While it’s typical for a major label to be able to put together a best-of, Radiohead may have gotten EMI to drop that provision somewhere along the way. At most, EMI only has the power to “repackage” officially released pre-2004 material.

    This also means that both sides have to mutually approve the release of anything from the vaults. So, if EMI and Radiohead piss each other off, that is very bad. It means nothing “new” from the EMI years comes out. So, unless Radiohead suddenly have a buring desire to record new versions of songs like “Big Boots/Man-O’-War”, don’t expect an official release of that song for a very long time (like after the band splits up)…

  • Beautiful

  • All of my CD’s are damaged or missing from my brother stealing them and leaving them places. This is a convenient way to buy it, but I’d still rather just get the limited edition discs that came out at the original time of release…Saturday trip to Amoeba perhaps…

  • The box set wouldn’t be such a ripoff if it didn’t cost $35 to ship to the States.

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  • Any “fan” already has all these tracks D-
    nice of ’em to include “talk show host” B-
    flow seems nice. B+
    High and Dry? D-
    Creep? D-
    Including “You” and not “Blow out”? Someone needs to re-listen to Pablo Honey D-

    Trying to cash in on a bunch of songs you’ve already sold. F-

    For SHAME EMI For shame. Radiohead has moved on, bow out gracefully, Delight in the fact that you did give them a start and made a pile of cash, be happy you helped ’em take their first trip(s) to America. Now, go find some new talent, Stay friends with Radiohead that they might be willing to support and or help you find young upcomming acts. Or make some “more legitimate cash by asking Radiohead if they’d like to release a live DVD or concert footage. … no? Or just burn your bridge and re sell this as your own sour grapes idea even if the song flow is nice, you guys are slime. Oh speaking of song flow, I do see some space for some “In Rainbows” tracks. Oh …. oh wait haha, Oh yeah, silly me. ¡HA!


    OVER ALL GRADE = sad emodicon 🙁

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