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Happy Birthday Jonny!

Jonny Greenwood is celebrating his 36th birthday today. Jonny’s currently in between releases with ‘In Rainbows’ on October 10th and the score for ‘There will be Blood‘ on December 18th [pre-order]. Have a great one Jonny!

Jonny Greenwood

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  • Such a beautiful hat!

  • 1n Ra1nb0ws

  • Happy Birthday,Jonny!!!


  • feliz cumpleaños, mi amado y admirado Jonny! Te lo mereces TODO!

    Saludos desde Chile.

  • Happy birthday Jonny!!! Best regards and a bucket of positive vibrations from Ukraine!!!

  • Happy birthday Jonny from all brazilian fans.

  • […] read more here […]

  • Happy Birthday Mate!

  • AW, he looks so cute. haha, probably the best looking 36 year old evah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONNY!!!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To you, Much Love From The Big Island Of Hawaii, Aloha!!!JoNnY!!!

  • have a good one man

  • happy b-day my lovely jonny (or poni)!!!!!!!

    i love so so so soooooooo much!!!

    lots of kisses and hugs

  • You and my wife have the same birthday! 5/11
    Happy belated and congrats on the new

  • happy birthday Jonnyyyy

  • te amooooo!

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