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Getting ready for the Radiohead webcast

later, hopefully

mac os users; download flip4mac

pc users; windows media


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  • so how does this thing work? Does a link pop up when they start or will it start up automatically?

  • am i supposed to be seeing something on the website?

  • there’s something right now

  • Well it’s underway and they kicked it off by playing Bodysnatchers live.

  • its going on right now

  • this is immense

  • how that thom yorke that makes music
    so good could like this king of music.

  • but he having fun.


  • Works perfect now. This is AMAZING! Radiohead means real media revolution.

  • oh my god.
    faust arp on the country side.
    great job

  • I didn’t just imagine that did i?

  • Ah man…what I would pay to be friends with RH and just drink beers while they webcast on a friday night.

  • how do i get it to work

  • well done boys
    nice live music
    nice music choise Ed

  • the brasilians must be very happy with Ed. he likes a lot of brasilian music.
    não é galera.
    só falta uma portuguesa.

  • i’m just so happy

  • reckoner live.

  • Hi baby,
    How about “You’re all I need”?

    Love you Radiohead.

  • what song was that they just played live recently

  • what fucking song.
    nice job

  • the last song that was played

  • CEREMONY!!!!

  • I dont think that the last song they played was a cover. Pretty good, by the way.

  • Joy Division

  • funny guy that tecnic.
    chris martin would love thom yorke head on the box. lol

  • so was it a cover or original?

  • to dylan: Thanks for the answer!!!

  • That ‘techie’ was Adam from Adam and Joe fame

  • no sound.

  • Good I thought it was my macbook but every one else is sound is down too. It is so agrivating, since they were playing a song live (pulling out my hair) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • imbw my favourite song 🙁

  • Awesome read , I am going to spend more time reading about this subject

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