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Radiohead cover Bjork on testcast

After hours of testing, Stanley Donwood and the band finally got the testcase for tonight’s webcast to work on

In the middle of the night, a pre-recorded film turned up. With the title of the video being ‘entanglement’ the video started off with Thom Yorke DJ’ing. A while later the band (except Phil) played a cover of Bjork’s ‘Unravel‘. Last year Thom told Spin about this song: “I’m trying to get Radiohead to do a cover because I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.” The 17 minute webcast ended with the words ‘I GIVE UP’ written on a blackboard. Let’s hope Radiohead & co won’t give up for tonight, which is still not officially confirmed.

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  • This video still works for the moment:

  • Nice layout on this news item. 😀

  • And thanks k for the working link.

  • Yeah, something went wrong. all sorted now.

  • gorgeous Unravel… love it, could only have been better if Bjork was there too : )

  • well, bjork is in chile… and she’s playing peru on tuesday. let’s just hope her friend thom gets some motivation to play down here. 🙂

  • i a m just so [ h ] a ppy w hen thin [ gs ] like t his

    h [ a] pp e n – t han ks daehoidar f o [ r] k eep in it

    a l [ i ] v e


  • i love radiohead.

  • nice niceee!

  • i was thinking.. maybe it was Phil writing on the blackboard? he wasn’t playing Unravel.. Mmmm

  • hey its no other than stanley “the down sydrome” downwood!

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