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The Radiohead Webcast: Thumbs_Down

Radiohead have started webcasting on at 21:20 hrs (UK time) this evening. Let’s try to keep you all up to date with what the band are broadcasting from their studio in Oxford.

The webcast, entitled ‘Thumbs_Down” started off with the band doing a live version ‘Bodysnatchers’. Adam Buxton ‘introduced’ the band and Nigel Godrich when coming out of the studio. Followed by a clip from the film ‘Seven’, where the actors opened a box which contained Thom Yorke’s head singing ’15 Step’.

Up next was recording of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood playing ‘Faust Arp’ outside and then the camera was switched back to the studio for a live performance of the band doing a cover of The Smith’s ‘The Headmaster Ritual’. Later on Ed O’Brien was back at DJ decks spinning (and dancing to!) Asian Dub Foundation, Kings of Leon and Kenny Rogers.

Thom said: “This is Thumbs Down cause it’s …[holds thumbs down]… We’re gonna play some music as we can still stand up. This our way of celebration the fact that way have finished a record. We’ve been doing some stupid stuff the past few weeks knocking some things together. Don’t expect any high quality cause there isn’t any.”

Next up was a pre-recorded video of Radiohead performing ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place” in the studio with each member wearing helmets with cameras on them. Then another live performance of ‘Reckoner’ followed.

Colin and Jonny Greenwood continued with a short DJ set. Followed by another cover song performed by the band: ‘Ceremony‘ from Joy Division/New Order. After a DJ set from Phil Selway Thom announced the rebroadcast of their earlier recorded cover of Bjork’s ‘Unravel’.

Since the sound is down from the webcast, let’s give you a summary of some of the songs DJ’ed by the band: Les Baxter – The Ancient Galleon / Kenny Rogers – Condition / Iggy Pop – Nightclubbin’ / Squarepusher /Bauhaus – Bella Lugosi’s Dead / Iron and Wine – Pagan Angel and a borrowed car / Captain Beefheart and the magic band – sun zoom spark / Bonnie Prince Billy – Lessons from what’s poor /Asian Dub Foundation – Naxalite / Ray Charles – It should ‘ve been me /Juana Molina – Micael /Fela Kuti & the africa 70 – Alu Jon Jonki Jon

The band went back to play another song in the studio, but still without sound. Mel from W.A.S.T.E. informed us that this was the end of the webcast: “We’ll do our best to get the last bit uploaded somewhere……. apologies for sound problem at the end”. The last part of that webcast was shortly after uploaded on, which included a live performance of ‘I Might Be Wrong’

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  • What was that song Colin just played? The riff sounded similar to I Wanna Be Your Dog. Brilliant!

  • The webcast isn’t working for me 🙁

  • Is it finished or is it just my stream??? it cut out just after the switchboard type unit with loads of cables in it….

  • are you on pc or mac robin? try going to first. if that doesnt work, go to, press “radiohead”, and follow the instructions given.

  • Ceremony……………….(smiley face , home still not repossessed)

  • there was an Iggy Pop song, but that was Nightclubbing…
    I’m loving this, especially the Se7en/15 Step bit.

  • Im loving this…Especially the Se7ev/15 Step bit.
    There was an Iggy song but that was Nightclubbing…

  • if you don’t have quicktime, it just looks like a black screen.

  • it’s all about the music isn’t it……we luv ya…

  • pleese note – not……..

  • Still going. 2 hrs 6 mins and counting. 😀

    I heard Nightclubbing, but it was much later. Something in the chorus about “dead”…..or something. Hehe. Not much to go on.

  • Friday night IN with Radiohead. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • ya haha!! i want them to stay all night long, its only 6:30 pm
    Bonjour à tous du Québec.
    Keep moving….vive Radiohead!!

  • Yeah….Friday nite in with your loved ones tucked in……we are raving IN…sort of……

  • Fred from Quebec…viva………greetings from Angleterre here.hope you have a good evening…..

  • is there meant to be no sound??
    Thom’s peaking into the mic, but all i hear is strange sports commentary!?

  • I’m not getting the proper audio! The video is great, but the audio is very faint, and it sounds like football! What gives?

  • mike, me 2 i hear sports com.

  • “is there meant to be no sound??
    Thom’s peaking into the mic, but all i hear is strange sports commentary!?”

    I have that too : s!
    whats going on?!

  • Hmm, the sound feed is off, someone should tell them.


  • buzzkill!

  • FUCK THEY”VE PUT THE LINK DOWN (sorry for the cussing, but it expresses my anger now). I came home at 3:45 to find a blank black screen? And this news article said that they played all this stuff live… all these great things that I missed….no…even Ed DANCING…my god, some one better have recorded all of this but everything is so lagged. I waited so long for this…dang it.

  • Is it over?
    I refresh but I don’t get anything.

    I wonder who played football today and who won.

  • missed this. has anyone uploaded it yet?

  • Wha? I want my Radiohead TV…
    Come back…I missed it all

  • […] of that video and what I’ve read, it seemed fucking awesome. At Ease listed a pretty detailed re-cap and it sounds awesome. Highlights include DJ sets, a Smiths and Joy Division cover, live […]

  • watch ceremony:

  • Wish they’d used a proper OB company…otherwise pretty damned fab!

  • The final part is up on and with sound!

  • yeah, the final part is on !!!

  • Yup…a nice round of ‘I Might Be Wrong’…but where’s Ed?
    Oh, there he is…

  • band finished off with ‘i might be wrong’ before end title and goodbye from most gigantic mout – finally playing out to videotape video.

  • That was the MOST amazing thing I’ve ever seen and I didn’t even get to see all of it! 😛


  • did anyone get the whole thing?

  • That was just about the greatest thing ever.

  • is “I Might Be Wrong” still online for you? Because it isn’t for me! 🙁

  • webcast was fantasic. I laughted almost all time watching it. Sometimes it’s better stay at home at friday evening:)

  • i was at work and missed the webcast, is there any way i can watch it now? please let me know guys, im pretty pissed i missed it.

  • Some parts have already found there way to youtube, I have recorded it, but its like 300 megabytes and 2 1/2 hours of footage, so perhaps I will put it on Google Video lateron…we’ll see…(have missed the most of bodysnatchers, though..)

  • What???! You’re all talking about how good this is – but all i’m getting is Thom introducing it…Hope i’ve not dropped a bollack and missed this. The link doesn’t seem to do anything.
    Can someone help please? I really NEED to see this

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  • I have the first 45 minutes as a Quicktime file (until my modem decided to quit on me!!!) its 166Mb though…I can try and post it if anyone wants it! I would love the rest of it if anyone has it! 🙂

  • How do you record stuff like this? For future referance.

  • I was viewing it using Quicktime Pro (on a Mac) and it allowed me to save the file…unfortunately, I would have it all, but my modem is shite!

  • really good webcast hope for more..


  • Darn what about us overseas folk who couldn’t keep their eyes open waiting for it!
    Please someone upload the whole darn thing! 😀

    Ans also, anyone know why the site is just a blank black screen..i have Quicktime. Oh Poo!

    I WANT RADIOHEAD WEBCAST *throws toys out of pram*


  • R, there are videos here:

    Thanks to teh person who did all of this.


    Here is ‘The Headmaster Ritual’ for those who can’t download the webcast or didn’t catch it. More to come on my channel..


    first half of bodysnatchers gone, like i told before…

  • […] night Radiohead did their “Thumbs_Down” live webcast where they performed several songs, including great covers of “The Headmaster Ritual” […]

  • […] night Radiohead did their “Thumbs_Down” live webcast where they performed several songs, including great covers of “The Headmaster Ritual” […]

  • the track thom play at first is by burial off his new album untrue

  • Thanks very much for the links, much appreciated.

  • Any chance of someone making the DJ sets from this webcast downloadable (as well as the Thom & Adam and Ed’s poetry recital part)? Thanks muchly 😀

  • As an Audio or Video Download?
    What i posted before is the complete webcast hosted on google video…watch it there 😉

  • Brilliant elbunk – thank you! No hassle, no download wait – just put aside 2h41m and watch 🙂

  • What is the name of the song that Ed dances to in the video above? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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  • Headmaster and Ceremony were Brilliant!!
    You guys honored the original artists with you bad-ass cover!!! Geoff

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  • put nine radioheads in on the web. play and mix well, simmer and bring to the boil in your own way. play and pause, play and pause, play and pause, you get me? play all? great job lads, mixed me a pot of madness. was it planed that way?

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  • […] canções, além de alguns que mostravam a rotina da banda. Esses webcasts foram intitulados “Thumbs_Down”. Mas em um deles há uma performance do guitarrista Ed O’Brien que chama a atenção do […]

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