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David Byrne interviews Thom Yorke for WIRED

David Byrne has interviewed Thom Yorke for Wired Magazine. Adam Buxton, who helped with Radiohead’s webcast last Friday, revealed that Byrne came to Radiohead’s Oxford studio to conduct an interview with Thom Yorke for the magazine.

It’s unsure when the interview in Wired will be published. For those who don’t know it was David Byrne’s band Talking Heads, who Radiohead took their name from (the song ‘Radio Head’ from the 1986 album ‘True Stories’).

Adam Buxton wrote on his site: “As if all that wasn’t enough we had been visited earlier in the day by David Byrne who was conducting an interview with Thom for Wired magazine. When they had finished David came up to the control room and watched the Helmet Cam video. I was stood next to him as he chuckled away at the sight of them all being so serious in the silver helmets. “What a great performance!” he said. “And you can crop the helmets later, right?” I had to spend the next couple of minutes explaining to David and Thom why I thought we should keep the helmets in vision. Good times. Byrne is completely white haired now and very dapper indeed. Apart from Bowie I loved David Byrne in a kind of romantic way more than anyone when I was growing up so the old gay Byrne fancier in me was delighted to find him looking so good. I’m sure he’d be pleased to hear that.”

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