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EMI removes Radiohead ‘Rainbow’ ad

Radiohead Rainbow GoogleTension between Radiohead and EMI was highlighted again today when the band’s former label removed a misleading ad for the group’s back catalogue from the internet.

Until the end of last week, anyone typing in Radiohead into Google would be met with a paid-for ad at the top of the search results reading: “Radiohead – New Album ‘Rainbow’ now available as boxset”, The Guardian reports.

Despite appearances, the ad led not to the special “discbox” edition of In Rainbows but to a website where EMI subsidiary Parlophone is selling a box-set of the seven albums Radiohead recorded while they were still signed to the label.

That the two box-sets are coming out at the same time in December and at the same price had already led some fans to believe that EMI is trying to compete with its former charges’ independent release. While EMI has denied this, the ad (visible in a screengrab from Friday, above) raises new questions about the label’s motives.

Attempts to ascertain the identity of the company behind the ad by Guardian Unlimited Music met with little success. Phone calls and emails to EMI’s subsidiary Parlophone about the ad were not returned last week. Finally, a cryptic, one-sentence email arrived from EMI publicist Chris Latham yesterday.

“Parlophone were aware of the data source glitch and removed the link immediately,” it read. When asked to confirm that this meant that the label had indeed placed the Google Ad and then removed it, the company spokesman twice declined any further comment or clarification.

EMI and Radiohead have been engaged in a behind-the-scenes feud since the band, who fulfilled their contract with the label with 2003’s Hail to the Thief, decided to not to resign with them. Days after the band decided to release the CD of their new album In Rainbows with independent label XL last month, EMI announced it was offering the rockers’ output from 1993 to 2003 for sale as a seven-CD box-set.

It soon became clear that the back catalogue release was put together without the involvement of the band, who have distanced themselves from it. (“The band haven’t released it,” band spokesman Murray Chalmers said. “The band aren’t in contract to EMI anymore.”) The EMI box-set will be sent out at the same time as In Rainbows “discbox” box-set in December and at the same price, too.

While fans have accused EMI of releasing its Radiohead box-set as “retribution” for the band going elsewhere, the label has denied this.

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  • Man, what a bunch of as*holes.

  • wow, what a bunch of fuckups

  • Man, what a bunch of losers.

  • Man,what a bunch of bunches

  • This is truly pathetic and a new low for EMI. The way they failed to write the correct album title – quite intentionally so, I think – is too childish for words.

  • EMI, wtf are you doing to yourselves….. trying to squeeze money out of Radiohead fans by going head to head with the band itself is madness. EMI/Parlophone vs. Radiohead/Fans. Good luck with that

  • man what a bunch of flowers

  • man, what a bunch of..

    wait a second, i’m having deja vu

  • Flowers ๐Ÿ˜†

    Anyway, did anyone consider that Rainbow = seven colours, Emi boxset = 7 CDs OMG sevenspiracy! Kid A is orange! Ok Computer is Blue!

    Just me?

  • I really like the way Radiohead plays.. I loved their last cd “In Rainbows”.. Have you seen when they covered The Smiths? Radiohead sang The Headmaster Ritual in a webcast. Here is the video:
    They are great aren’t they? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks for the tip Victor…

  • Why does the press seem determined to make Radiohead and EMI arch enemies? The band has always said, even after the contract ran out, that the two have a good relationship. Until I hear the band say otherwise, one should assume nothing has changed.

    Everybody does realize that the more the two sides are pitted against each other, the more the fans lose out, right? Famous songs that Radiohead will probably never re-record, are sitting in the EMI vaults. Both sides would have to work together to ever get such material released.

    Lastly, this is like the upteenth article to have the same damn factual error. Somebody tell these morons that the discbox and the EMI box are not ccoming out at the “same exact time”. Discbox = December 3rd. EMI box = December 10th…

  • Man, what a bunched up asshole flower

  • yes victor, thanks for the info. I and I’m sure most radiohead fan had no clue about the webcast last friday night at 10 pm (gmt). Thanks for the tip though

  • They fulfilled their EMI contract with Com Lag, not HTTT.

  • Bunch, fuck a jerks of what.

  • Man, what a bunch of cunts.

  • Mec, une belle bande de merde

  • god bless the beer.god bless the sugar and the hopps.goddam,god bless the barley

  • Man, what a bunch!

  • fuck EMI. Boycott the RIAA!!!


    Think twice before buying.

  • !retards of bunch a what, Man

  • That is so shady. I would think everything that Radiohead does could only help the sales of those albums without a box set. EMI only making things worse. Now I just don’t want to buy it. I almost did…

  • I take back what I said…after reading mjd180, I think he’s right. And actually I think Radiohead is distancing themselves from it so they don’t appear greedy, not because they have a feud with EMI.

  • that will be the last time anyone ever hears from EMI

  • I can forgive EMI for their boxset; I mean, they’re just another label trying to cash in on a “Greatest Hits”-type model. But deliberately trying to trick people into buying something using vague advertising? That’s a bit sleazy.

  • EMI is going crazy

  • lol kirly

  • It’s a cool concept for people who don’t have the other albums. I might consider buying it if I was missing a few. But knowing about this trickery makes EMI look bad, definitely.

    Also, their USB drive will most likely not fit in the majority of computers the way it is designed.

    The USB prong is surrounded by plastic material and will be hard to plug into most USB outlets. Another sign of design outweighing logic.

  • What is this โ€˜Radioheadโ€™ of which you speak?

  • Ultimately, this is not just about In Rainbows or back catalogue sales only, but about a misleading ad by EMI seeking potential customers in a search environment in which the users are hitherto uninitiated about the product. Hence the users effort to search and find out more about the product in question instead leads them trickily to another place (even though we have to admit that this other place has fine products albeit an overpriced USB set) โ€“ there are advertising laws against this practice.
    More details here:

  • EMI = Evil Music Industry

    Wonder if any of the nukes they own are being pointed toward thom’s house?

    Cant radiohead refuse production of this or does EMI really own all of the songs? Do they still own the rights to the names of the songs?

  • Let’s destroy all copies of their boxset.

  • Now i know, thanks for the info, I value your opinion alot more.:)

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