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Lily Allen: Radiohead are arrogant

Lily Allen has branded Radiohead “arrogant” for giving fans the chance to download their new album, ‘In Rainbows’, for free.

The singer reportedly said that she thinks it is unfair for the millionaires to devalue recorded music and survive on touring money when new artists can’t.

“It’s arrogant for them to give their music away for free – they’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven’t done as well,” WENN reports Lily as saying. “You don’t choose how to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?”

In the meantime Liam Gallaher has vowed never to go down the Radiohead digital root. Saying he would never ‘over his dead body’ let an Oasis album be given away for free.

Gene Simmons, the legendary KISS founder, is not going to record new music. “There is nothing in me that wants to go in there and do new music. How are you going to deliver it? How are you going to get paid for it if people can just get it for free?”. When Reuters asked about Radiohead’s business model Simmons answered: “That doesn’t count. You can’t pick on one person as an exception. And that’s not a business model that works. I open a store and say “Come on in and pay whatever you want.” Are you on f—ing crack? Do you really believe that’s a business model that works?”

Sir Cliff Richard however is handles a similar pricing strategy as Radiohead’s. But with a twist. The singer is to release his 78th album online and the more people buy it, the less it costs.

One independent filmmaker, who discovered his movie was being downloaded by users of file-sharing networks – has reached out to downloaders and asked them to make a donation to cover his costs. Eric Wilkinson decided to try what he called the “Radiohead model,” Wilkinson posted a message on his MySpace page, but also took his appeal directly to downloaders at the file-sharing discussion forum – a site called – where he asked for donations to be made to his PayPal account.
Wilkinson even gave downloaders credit for helping to promote his movie, saying their positive comments on Amazon, IMDB (the Internet Movie Database) and elsewhere helped to create a buzz around the movie, which is called “The Man From Earth.” The film became the 5th most popular title on IMDB in a matter of weeks.

Earlier on, Paste Magazine did the same with their magazine subscriptions. Pay what you want for the first year. In their February issue, the magazine will recognize those who pay the most (more than the subscription price).

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  • she shouldn’t talk abot things she doesn’t know… fuck her and all her fiends! 🙂

  • Seriously, girl, these men are Radiohead…

  • Wah Wah. What a bunch of whiners. I know plenty of independent, not-rich bands who allow their fans to download their songs for free.

  • hhahahahahha. They can do it because they deserve it. They’ve paid their dues. They’re not providing any models for anybody, it’s a model that works for them. This is just too funny. All these people that sucko are just scared they’ll get left in teh wind because they can’t rely on the merit of their music to sell their records. They have to pay to for album hype. Fucking losers.

  • Its true that the big Fish are going to eat the little fish alive if this venture becomes prosperous. But one thing you can count on that through this there is going to be a lot of invention when it comes to getting your music out. I have a few ideas that when I get to California and present them to Major Record Companies that will open the doors for record companies and small fish. Radiohead chose the right deal. I have seen on Record Company documentaries where they went to several music producers houses and they were living in $250 million dollar mansions where one butler was holding the other butler over a 25 foot pit where he was throwing hundred dollar bills in to keep his slippers at a constant temperature of 87.9 degrees. The money is out there for anyone to have. The money will still keep flowing in the new business of music. Good luck to the little fishes. The true fans still look out for them as well

  • What a twat

  • Its not “devalued” music, its “re-valued” music. As SB said, its Radiohead’s own business model, not a generic model. She’s right in the sense that it wouldn’t necessarily work for new artists, but it’s not exactly going to stop young artists from breaking through.

    Personally, I think the message it gives out to new bands is “challenge your stereotypes”…..which can’t be a bad thing at all

  • er…isn’t it more arrogant to believe that your music is worth money? [and and least they are not famous just because one of their dads is a twat]

  • ……and, CLIFF RICHARD HAS MADE 78 ALBUMS????????????? WTF

    ………aaaand, I thought it was normal for an album to come down in price when lots of people have bought it??

    Thirdly, Liam you are a greedy cont.

  • oh, boy. i guess it’s great for lily allen that she’s discovered that the big mouth persona can blind the world at large to her lack of other talents, but… this isn’t amy winehouse (ugh) she’s talking about. it’s radiohead.

    if she knew how to make useful music, i might hear more than just “I’M A CUNT, I’M A CUNT” when she talked. but, well…

  • Lilly who?

  • Someone put a bottle in this babies mouth and shut her the hell up!

  • was this stated before or after she juiced up on herion?

  • Does anyone REALLY care what Lily Allen says? This girl was made a surprise star by MYSPACE, and thinks she knows ALL about the music industry. Thanks for the insight, pop tart.

  • Lily Allen is on Regal Records, a subsidiary of Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony BMG Records, which is one of the Big 4 along with…EMI.

    And somewhere Kevin Bacon is involved, just because.

  • Time and again she sounds just like her father- a stupid, argumentative, obnoxious cunt. Get back to the fucking Groucho Club and stick to doing what you do best, Lily- making a complete tit of yourself.

  • Lily Allen. hahahahaha.

  • what…?
    man, i have a band. a very unknown band. and i thank radiohead for what they did.
    with this new way they created, soon every music artist will be able to be known, get their music everywhere, and receive more money than any other way. and really, to a new artist it’s a lot more important to spread your work around than receiving some extra bucks immediatly.
    so lilly, go lick the balls of those dinosaurs you’re with.

  • i bet she was paid to say that. haha.

  • jealousy rears its ugly head. i saw buy 1 get 1 eggs yesterday. damn arrogant grocer!! where does he get off! Lily: try making statements like this in 20 years when you are possibly worth the time it takes to read.

  • It must have been so hard for the daughter of Keith Allen to get off the ground :O

  • Doesn’t it make more sense for a band that can afford to, to give away there music to fans who have supported them and allowed them to get to the level they are at today? Seriously.

    Who IS Lily Allen anyway? (Rhetorical, I do know who she is)

  • That she said this about Radiohead is irrelevant. Who the fuck cares what Lily Allen has to say about anything?

  • Live in the states and have never heard of Lily or Cliff Richard, and this is the first I have heard of Oasis since 1996. Haters Just need to shut up and listen to the album they learn a few things.

  • Lily Allen: The Tila Tequila from across the pond (Lily doesn’t look like an alien with fetal alcohol syndrome, however.)

    I agree with her somewhat, but the truth is most indie artists actually GO INTO DEBT paying to produce thousands of CD’s that they may never sell. All artists make their money from touring, not from album sales.

  • WHAATTTTT??? Liam, please make a fine record and then open your f****** mouth…. just because you didn’t come with that idea first it doesn’t mean you have the right to speak senseless dumbass… oasis sucks anyway (by the way, john lennon was one liam). And lil… what? what’s your name again? who the f*** are you anyway? i know what you can do, you can allow us download your music for free, so in that way maybe we can know who you are… hmmf… naaa, with that stupid ”declaration” i guess i’m not interested in listening to your STUPID music…. i have a ”young band” and i think it’s the best way to promote my band by letting people download our songs… and on the other hand, didn’t you noticed that there are programs where you can download music anyway… all oasis records are ther to download… and maybe the other bitches ones too…

    wait a second… i think i fell on there spiderwebs… maybe they just wanted some attention… oh fuck…

    my band: download what you fuckin want:

  • Am I mistaken, or did people not first
    hear Lilly Allen’s music by listening to
    it for free on her myspace site?

  • I think Liam Gallagher will be remembered by history as Radiohead’s whiniest critic.

  • what a dumb bitch. as an artist, i honestly dont give a damn about the money as long as i can make my soundz and have a good time doing it. anybody know if she has any talent at all, cuz that could be the reason for her retarded accusation

  • they took that quote from last months rolling stone

    who gave that cunt a microphone?!

  • I believe bill hicks said it best when he said “PIECE OF SHIT WALK AWAY”.

  • Lily Allen is officially an idiot.

  • I believe Bill Hicks said it best when he said “Piece of shit(Lily Allen) walk away”

  • Every change is arrogant somehow, because you believe there´s something that could be done in a better way and so you do it in a different way.

  • Cue: flood of angry Radiohead fans on Lily’s myspace

  • Wow, it really is amazing that some like Lily Allen can something like that about radiohead. Almost as if she thinks they dont deserve to do what they want with their record. The music biz isn’t so picture perfect anymore, the cunt needs to realize that.

  • Why wouldn’t it be more of a “Because they can”,I’m an emergent artist who cannot afford to give my work away because I live piece to piece but if I could work live happily not worry about bills then I’d give my work to whomever valued it. I don’t need a mink, and neither does Radiohead. This way me without penny to my name – I can have music and they wont go without being able to buy their own eggs Right?

  • I wouldn’t take your music for free anyway, Liam Gallagher. And Lily Allen was probably told by someone to say that. She doesn’t know anything about the record industry. She looks like a little 8 year old, still.

  • F*** you Lily

  • Witty way to win more fans.

  • Lily Allen is a no talent ass clown.

  • What a twat she is. She hasnt ever relied upon a famous name and sprung from a background of fortune has she? When she has stepped into the world of talented musicians who have years of professionalism and genius maybe she can comment on real artists in the music industry. The music world and the way forward with creative thinking according to Lily Allen. Wow mindblowing. Lets go back to 5 minute wonders such as you Lily. Arse…..

  • Lily Allen calls Radiohead ‘arrogant’.




  • […] off by thinking outside the box.) First up, the immutable Lily Allen, who calls Radiohead “arrogant.” “They’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who […]

  • who the hell is lilly allen, anyway???

  • This coming from the girl who is going to model practically nude for a magazine.

    Oh and she’s also the same girl that made fun of Amy Winehouse for being an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic is a sickness, and someone with this sickness needs to be helped, not made fun of. Lily Allen has some major growing up to do, and she should really shut her mouth when it comes to calling bands like Radiohead “arrogant”. Stupid twat!

  • lilly who? she gave herself already a slutty image in an interview for saying she was blow job princess in her school years… please just fuck off. Someone noticed the song littlest things is like karma police in the intro? -.-

  • Lily Allen is a clown.

    Who cares about her? I mean, except some 12 years old chavs?

  • I’m more impressed with Cliff…shame that he’s signed to EMI…wonder where they got they idea from!!!!

  • Uhh… bands that are starting out have been giving away their music online for a long time now. It’s a great way for a band to get attention when record labels ignore them for not having “the right sound”. This stupid twat is just scared because without record companies hawking her second-rate solo Spice Girls routine with endless timeslots on MTV she’ll be stuck giving out hand jobs for a dollar. I like her comparison of the price eggs with the price of music though. She might as well compare apples and oranges… oh wait, they’re both food… that would actually make a lot more sense. What a whore.

  • actually kraft_radio lilly is on regal, which is an imprint of guess who?….


  • Are people forgetting that while Radiohead has made 10 tracks available for whatever you think it is worth, they are selling 18 tracks (plus extras).
    This marketing move is a way to expand their fan base by engaging the casual fan. This is not a ‘reward’ for true fans, because true fans shelled out the money for the discbox. In other words, bands can learn a lot from this.
    And why is everyone so upset about the unknown new bands? True artists are not involved in their craft for monetary reward. So Lily Allen and Oasis are already misguided by their initial assumptions.

  • i wanna rape her

    how she wants to rape the press and the people for their money

  • […] here for […]

  • Lily Allen is obviously naive and has much to learn….perhaps she will read all of this negativity towards her remarks, and take a gander in the mirror

    Radiohead is real, what are you Lily?

  • You know…. The question I think is, is the artist in it for the money or because they love it? Music is art…. If it’s good, it will get recognized. I think you might even see more people who are very satisfied, go back and pay for In Rainbows when they had originally downloaded it for free, just because they like it so much.

  • […] off by thinking outside the box.) First up, the immutable Lily Allen, who calls Radiohead “arrogant.” “They’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who […]

  • she is wrong.

    i buy my eggs off limewire..there is a marvelous selection.

  • Eggs are a commodity, music is (should be) art.

  • when i read this i did a search for lily allen and found her official site. upon loading i immediately started to hear what i thought was a cover of karma police. then i looked at the title and saw in the player “littlest things” by lily allen. apparently she has a vested interest in the “value” of radiohead’s music

  • WOW. what an intelligent egg analogy.

  • How many times have you heard Radiohead “j
    put down another artist? I never have.
    Maybe that’s another reason why I love them.

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  • Wow, she’s absolutely right! Shame on radiohead for being greedy. How dare they make a stand against record labels who clearly are generous and in no way greedy whatsoever…

  • I think Lily has completely lost the message in this entire experiment and is looking at it from the wrong side. Radiohead did not give away their album for free – they offered it up to the masses and put the power of what was paid in the hands of the people. So if she has a problem, she should take it up with the downloaders who downloaded it for free – not Radiohead for making a statement, and a damn good one at that. Personally, i’m glad I just found two bootleg songs of hers on my itunes. 😛

  • I’m a filmmaker and I think this may actually work. YouTube and MySpaceTV are hot, esp. with actual shows on MySpaceTV (quarterlife from the 30something producers). So I’m releasing webisodes of my full-length film, 5.5 minutes each, onto myspacetv. It’s an experiment, but it actually pays off for a lot of people. (


  • Eggs aren’t art. Eggs are eggs. There’s large, extra large, and jumbo. Brown and white. That’s eggs. Music is all different and open to taste and subjective opinion. Music is art. Eggs aren’t art.

  • […] Brewington wrote an interesting post today on Lily Allen: Radiohead are arrogantHere’s a quick […]

  • I have no idea who this singer is. I think that speaks for itself.

  • Lily Allen got all her money and career
    from her dad. She has no talent and no
    right to tell people who have made it
    on their own what they can and can’t do.

  • Get the fuck off this forum, NAUS.

  • Lily Allen is only good for one thing, and it’s not music.

  • Isn’t she modelling lingerie for some high street company soon? Pretty arrogant of herself, considering she’s a fuckin munter

  • Lily Allen is a prick…what does she know about music !!

  • who the hell is lilly allen? apparently somebody who is stupid.

  • What is the problem? When people download music of Radiohead for free, they have more money to spend for new bands.. that’s my idea about this all.

  • its arrogant that lily Allen continues to make her so called music and poison my ears with her shit.


  • She has a point and I’m glad somebody said it (although I wish it had been somebody ELSE 😉
    At the moment every new band is going along with the sheep-view which is ‘Yeah, man…music should be free.’
    Meanwhile the sites that host this ‘free’ clobber (YouTube, The PirateBay et al) are selling fucking advertising around it and building stock-market value that’s in some cases way beyond all indie labels and many majors.
    I agree with Gene Simmons (the only time you’ll hear that from me I can tell ya). If musicians are to eat and not have to do shitty daytime jobs to support their rocking out, exactly how is the ‘Internet Nerds Rule Cyberspace’ model gonna make it happen?

    Seems to me the people who have gotta say ‘Time Out’ and think about this are NOT the record labels but the fucking fans of new music!

    And that’s my zero cents

  • The question is: how the hell is Lily Allen?

  • The question is: who the hell is Lily Allen?

  • all i can say is radiohead is coming out with the CD, there, they are getting money. But the fact is, they don’t care about the fucking money, and this whole downloading stuff shows it..they are making it more accesible to the public who don’t normally get to hear them.

    lily allen, u r a piece of shit, radiohead are genius’s and just because they are more creative then u, and the other two artists who bashed radiohead, don’t need to whine because u are all dumbass’s and can’t make creative ideas anymore…

    this pisses me off, can’t we just love music…what the fuck does the money matter…imean we don’t buy songs on the radio to hear them..we don’t buy songs off of myspace to hear just shut the FUCK up about the money….music is not about that…and radiohead sure isn’t…and in todays world..i think unknown bands have a better chance to try this, and get known, then radiohead did when they began, which is why they had to sell their albums…


  • lily allen is lame

  • Lily should tread lightly she’s walking on sacred ground…

  • Um… The New Cambodia. bloody amazing band, no one has heard of them, and they have a free download on their site for the full album. Radiohead are not arrogant, they’re avoiding the asshole RIAA who I hope fall to flames in the next few years.

  • In fact you can’t download eggs on Emule !!

  • In France there was a restaurant in Paris in which one you could enter, sit, eat and pay what you want…
    It does not exist anymore but it has been there for at least 50 years.

  • If tomorrow the new rule states that no one can buy music – just like no one can buy air – then the music lives on – like air.

    People will create music whether or not there’s a charge; just as people will sift through what’s available and listen to what they like.
    Who ever said music *had* to cost anything anyway?

    Teachers could be paid more – a lot more. It’s arrogant not to campaign against the lack of funds for public education, rather than complaining because someone didn’t want to put money before art.

    btw, I’m an artist, and it’s the greatest feeling when someone says they want a piece from me. Go ahead, take anything off my website you want. That includes you, Lily:)

  • Why doesn’t she just stop having a dig at other artists and celebrities, sit down in a quite room all by herself and TRY to make decent music. She’s a fine one to talk!

  • What’s she talking about? I’m a new(bie) artist and my music is free. CC rules!

  • When your no longer a new artist, then MAYBE you could pull something off like this. However, hopefully your fans will be TRUE fans and actually pay something! To all of you so called Radiohead fans that opted to pay nothing….shame on you! That is such BS! FYI: I paid $18 for my CD. Would paying at least $10 going to put a dent in your wallet that bad?!

  • I am from a country called Jordan in the middle east, and in here i never purchased any album for its real price since all is available for the price of the CD.

    what i want to say is that i have paid for the InRainbow album because it created an incentive for me to do so. think about it this way this business model can bring more customers from diverse places like my country.

  • thats y its never outa her cd player…we fishies

  • […] time Lily Allen has pissed other artists’ fans off, only this time its about Radiohead. In a recent interview, Lilly Allen was quoted saying, “It’s arrogant for them to give their music away for free – […]

  • shut your mouth lily allen. the album would’ve leaked without people paying anything for it whereas now they’ve allowed people to give money, and i know a ton who have.

  • this chic just sucks..I totally dislike her since that awful “remake” of Karma Police..I don’t even know what the title of the song is..but when I heard the piano I began to wonder about where the heck is this tune familiar from? than I damn realised that it was Karma Police..but at that time I’ve heard her lousy little voice comment

  • they aren’t being arrogant…by giving away the album for what people feel that it’s worth, they are paying their respects to the fans that have supported them for years…the only reason all the shitty musicians that are controlled by big labels are pissed is because they don’t have enough respect in the music community, or from their own fans for that matter, to ever even imagine being bold enough to do something like this in the first place…by the way–who the fuck is lily allen?

  • When she didn’t turn up for Mark Ronson at the Electric Proms wasn’t she being a bit arrogant? She’s done a lot more arrogant things in her short career then Radiohead. She is a typical youngster, mouthing off because she thinks her opinion is most important.

  • shut up lily allen…ops…sorry, who r
    u? radiohead i simply love u!!!

  • hahahahaha lili alen??? hahaha who is she to juge?

  • These are all people who made obscene amounts of money the old music business, and can’t in the new music market. Lets face it Liam Gallagher, 13-18 year olds don’t know who the F you are, so if you give them the option of paying a set price for your record, or paying the couple of pounds they can afford for Radiohead’s, Radiohead will win every time. Also, most people that I know payed the price that they would have paid anyway for the album because they loved it. Also, it costs nada to duplicate an mp3, so each download, even if it doesn’t generate money generates exposure of the music, which is the most important thing. It is all about exposure.

  • fool! what exactly does she do but sl*g off other usually more talented artists? shes just a waste of space she wouldn’t no what artistry and creativity was if it slapped her in the face! Go back to dissing people on your level like cheryl tweedy and leave the real bands alone!

  • as for oasis if they did what radiohead did noone would pay a penny for it thats why they have to charge the usual amount lol! they too are a bunch of losers living off their first two mediocre albums-pathetic!

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  • […] show. Lily Allen, who had previously criticised the ‘pay-what-you-want’ model (” Radiohead are arrogant“) was in the panel and had her say […]

  • Lily who?

  • […] er Lilly Allen og Gene Simmons (noen som husker Kiss?). Allen mener Radiohead er “arrogante“. Listen kan gjøres […]

  • […] this year, Gene Simmons suggested Radiohead were on crack for their ‘In Rainbows Business Model’. | | | | | | […]

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