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Your questions for Radiohead in Observer

Observer Music Monthly will have an interview with Radiohead for their December issue. Journalist Craig McLean offers At Ease readers the opportunity to have your questions answered.

So, please read his message to you all below and get those e-mails out.

Dear At Ease readers,

My name is Craig McLean and I’m a journalist in the UK. next week i’m interviewing Radiohead for the December issue of the Observer Music Monthly. In the spirit of ‘In Rainbows’, I would like to have the fans ask the questions. If you have a question you’d like me to put to the band, whether related to In Rainbows or something else, please could you email it to by Friday 16th November, midday GMT.

Please put ‘Radiohead Question’ in the subject box. Please also supply your name, age, location (in the world) and – if you don’t mind – the sum you paid for In Rainbows and a one-sentence/one-line explanation as to why you paid that sum, and/or one line with your thoughts on the whole In Rainbows initiative. I will ask the band the most interesting/intriguing questions submitted by fans.

Many thanks for your help, and best wishes

Craig McLean

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  • cool

  • What he said.^

  • Oh.We are recognize as that crazy Radiohead fans 😉

    I think I will ask few questions.
    I hope somebody will send us article when is published.

    What I paid for In rainbows is personal. It’s only between Radiohead and me.

    Maybe is only trick to find out how much we paid.

    Album is important and not how it came out and how much we paid. We can’t put our price on how much we love Radiohead. (we just give how much we have and all love we have)!

    I love Radiohead that much that can’t be counted in dollars and cents 😀

  • My question (Don’t steal it):

    A few of the (IMHO) strongest songs that Radiohead were testing on their ’06 tour (Down Is The New Up, Bangers And Mash, 4 Minute Warning) were curiously left off of the album and instead were used for the bonus disc of the discbox. What was the thought process behind the tracklisting of the album versus the tracklisting of the bonus disc of the discbox.

  • i just stole that question. thanks

  • Hmm to say how much you paid of IR sounds mighty fishy. Granted, if I could think of a question to ask them, I’d do it.

  • Just sent mine in…

  • nice of him to contact atease 🙂

  • you could steal mine since i’m not going to e-mail it:

    Would unrecorded songs like Follow Me Around ever be recorded and put on future albums?

  • Great idea

  • My question…

    Dear Craig,
    Are you really such a piss-poor journalist that you can’t come up with anything interesting to ask Radiohead yourself?


  • his mailbox will get flooded for sure.
    he just want to know how much we paid, so he’ll get some stats. don’t be fooled.

  • interviews suck

  • I asked if they prefer jammy dodgers or bourbons

  • aha. i’d wanna know if thom.. likes.. cheesecake.. haha 😀

  • I can’t think of a worse way to gather data than to go to a fan site and ask people that want to to email him what they paid. Worst sample ever.

    He’s not using our data for anything more than his curiosity.

  • Does he think that he has got enough room to receive all the messages? It’s gonna take about 10 GB of texts….

  • what if you were dogs?

  • Is this real? If it is, then McLean is a very funny last name.

  • err at greenplastic they have the same letter ‘cept it says “Dear greenplastic readers”… lame..

  • I’m starting to question if this is real. Damn, I shouldn’t have sent my question in so quickly. I don’t get to get on somebody’s spam list.

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  • Chris – I wouldn’t bother sending in
    your question, I can answer it for you

    None of those song’s would have fitted
    the mood of In Rainbows, if you know any
    thing about Radiohead you’ll know they
    always try to create an album that flows
    and has a cohesive mood.

    Can you imagine Bangers and Mash fitting
    anywhere on it?!

  • I bought the Box set for £40, but also paid £1.01 for the download and sent the activation code to a friend as a gift.

    My question would be: I heard recently that Thom’s favourite Radiohead song was ‘How to disappear…’ Is that still the case, now that the new album has been released? And how about the rest of the band?

  • Hey Andy,

    Are you trying to say that Hail To The Thief was cohesive???

  • so, are we supposed to do his job? even to the point of informing him how much we paid? He’d just have to read the 100 topics about it on the message board. Lazy asshole.

  • Does Ed sing anywhere on this or is it just Thom?

  • My question got asked i got an e-mail
    im excited!!!!! Ha Radiohead Knows my
    name how cool is that

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