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Colin Greenwood: Industry is horribly predictable

Radiohead and manager Bryce Edge were interviewed for the Columbia Spectator. The publication for Columbia University in New York will be published soon, but below you can find an exclusive preview of some of the questions and answers from the interview.

In Rainbows will no doubt be defined as the most important musical release in terms of its content and way in which it was released. 50 years from now when the entire music industry is undoubtedly completely different, how do you think and want this unique release to be remembered?

Colin Greenwood: I hope we put some excitement back into music; It’s all becoming horribly predictable. We got incredible feedback from a whole range of people who joined the biggest listening party ever on October the 10th.

Is there a song or record, or live performance for the band that when they play it or hear it, it defines for them what Radiohead means?

Ed O’Brien: “Bodysnatchers” will always remind us of Tottenham House, a decrepit mansion where we recorded some of the album. This track reflects the weird energy of the house. There isn’t anything that specific in relation to Radiohead as a whole, if that makes sense.

Since Radiohead is making many attempts to promote environmental activism and assuming they are going to make their tour eco-friendly what exactly are their plans to do so?

Bryce Edge: There is a very long answer to that question but the most important thing is to try and site concerts, which allow the audience to travel in a sensible way. That is the most impactful factor by far.

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