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Befriend Radiohead on Facebook

Radiohead have joined the Facebook community. TBD Records, which will release Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ in the USA, have opened a Facebook profile for the band.

If you have a facebook profile you can register yourself as a Radiohead fan, you know… just to make it official. The profile will soon be updated with news and other goodies. Go to Radiohead’s Facebook profile to get your fix.

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  • haha, where is greenplastic now?

  • Nice, but have the band approved of this initiative?

  • regardless i definitely friended them

  • i like how atease is the only fansite mentioned on their facebook page 😉

  • I have them in my ‘iLike’ app on facebook. But I’m not going to add them as a friend. Facebook is not myspace, and I really hate how everyone is trying to turn it into that.

  • this is the most un-thom yorke thing i’ve ever heard

  • doesn’t Thom look pissed in the facebook picture?

  • this is not official this is fan made..

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