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Jonny Greenwood score tipped for Oscar

Hollywood insiders think Jonny Greenwood’s score for ‘There Will Be Blood will do well at the Acadamy Awards. The Star reports that Jonny’s music for Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming movie has impressed critics.

One of the insiders has said that Jonny Greenwood will not just get nominated, but think the score will probably win an Oscar: “It’s a bit menacing and difficult to listen to at times but Hollywood loves that. A gold statuette could be on its way to Oxford.”

The soundtrack is out on December 18th, while the film will hit theatres on December 26th, 2007.

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  • O,my God.

    If I ever see on Tv:

    Oscar goes to…..

    Jonny Greenwood!!!

    Best score for
    “There Will Be Blood”!

    Jonny in fancy suit receiving
    his Oscar.

    I will have stroke and die.

    I watched Oscars for years.
    Waking up at 1 am and staying to
    6 am and dreaming one day I will be on that stage.

    Seeing Jonny there will be
    so amazing!!!


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  • I can see it now….the video montage in 20 years of John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Jonny Grenwood.

    I can only hope the academy has the intelligence and good taste to seriously contemplate JGs work. I haven’t heard it, but that doesn’t matter. I am sure it is worthy sound unheard. (Can I use that like “sight unseen”???)

    I have surpassed my 100th listen to “In Rainbows” and I still hear something new each time. Radiohead are hands down the best band in the world. Sorry Bono, you and the Edge rock, but you are #2.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i knew it…it sounds soooo amazing, if he gets an oscar i will cry for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ohhhh,
    thought i would let u guys see the trailer with the amazing preview of the score:

  • yay!! go jonny go!

  • The oscars are very political. I think you have to campaign and stuff to win. I don’t see Jonny doing that. He probably won’t even show up to the ceremony. He didn’t go to the Grammys when RH was nominated.

  • I’m not an “expert” but I thought the same thing. It’s likely he’ll get nominated, simply because this film is going to be up for quite a few Oscars unless something goes horribly wrong (and perhaps EVEN if it does- Daniel Day Lewis, P.T. Anderson, who previously have tons of nominations, plus the political relevance of the story ensure that, and basically, the fact that it’s a Hollywood costume epic- plus probably a “return to form” for both Anderson and Lewis, after 8 years since a hit for one and 5 for another- and that it’s coming out around Christmas which is when all the studios put all their promoted awards candidates- and for sure even if Jonny won’t be promoting this, the studio will be- so unless it’s a complete critical flop, anything notable that’s attached to the film has a great chance, because that’s how Oscars work. if Jonny did the same score for a less high profile film it wouldn’t get any attention- but this film is going to be noticed in Hollywood, despite not being exactly commercial).

    Apparently the music is very prominent- so I think no one who likes the film will not notice it. The fact Radiohead has been in the news lately helps too of course, as more people may actually have heard of Jonny, and think it’s brilliant the guy who played guitar on “Bodysnatchers” is doing this too. I think he probably won’t win, but he could, and he’ll get a nomination. He’ll get 5 seconds of his score played at that silly ceremony mixed with 5 seconds of Ratatouille score or something. 🙂 And THIS should make up for Exit Music not even being nominated for best song, and for Thom being cut from Bjork’s performance of I’ve Seen It All.

    But for all that, the Oscars are not SO predictable- they can sometimes avoid the obvious choice that was actually good and surprise everyone with really shit choices.

  • Where is this blog’s contact us form because i cant seem to see the page, maybe the site owner needs make it more easier to locate.

  • Greenwood has had a steady, steady career. He deserved that nod for Oscar nomination.

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