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Radiohead to start tour in America

As the plans look like now, Radiohead will start their upcoming tour in America. When asked by Steve Lamacq Ed O’Brien confirmed that the band are indeed starting their tour in May.

Ed said that it’s still ‘up in the air’ and that plans might change, but Radiohead will tour in May, June/July, kicking off for a few weeks in America. Ed: “We probably go out in May.”

When asked if Glastonbury is on the agenda, Ed said: “Everything is on the agenda. We sort of finalizing dates at the moment. We’ll see. If they want us. We don’t know yet. We’ve got schedule A, schedule B, schedule C. None of this is confirmed.”

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  • only north america? what about SOUTH AMERICA???

  • sweeeeeeet. I live in the UK but I’m planning to go to New York, Toronto and LA in the Summer, so I might be able to catch a Radiohead show! WOO!




  • Bonnaroo?


    yes, I am in fact suggesting that the guys come all the way back to NA for one festical in August. I’m really that selfish.

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    *cacks pants*

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaasse stop in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • just in time for coachella!

    yeah? yeah? (: !!!!!!

    that’s where they ended HTTT tour, no?
    yay! im stoked.

  • And Brazil? So they’ll never play here… 🙁

  • near NC…please..please, this will be my first concert…please??!!!

  • come to the washington dc area. Which I know they will

  • what about the continent, damn it?

  • You HAVE TO come to SOUTH AMERICA, come
    on!! We need You here!! I’ve been
    waiting for 15 years now!!!

  • they should tour in south america, i agree, i think they should try to go to places they hardly go too!!!

  • Why are you guys begging for huge festivals? So you can be 100 miles away from the stage with crappy sound?

  • what about Canada? Vancouver?


  • Ok Radiohead you cannot ignore SOUTH AFRICA any longer! Please?!

  • It does say that they will “start their upcoming tour in America”. That by no means implies that they will finish their upcoming tour in America.

    They’ll be coming to Melbourne to see me, personally. :p

  • I hope that they come to Mexico, we miss them…since 90’s


  • Brasil!!! Please!!! We are waiting for
    this moment a long time…

  • Heineken Open’er Festival in Poland please.

  • Maybe they can just cancel a full tour and do a series of shows here in Toronto.
    Save on gas & airfare and all that.
    And they can stay at my condo.



  • Oh. MY. GOD. Come to Atlanta! Atlanta! I am dying to see you!

  • Oh and PLZ drop by Korea when you visit Japan! We’re dying

  • ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!
    please we need you here!!

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  • yeah but will i be able to pay whatever i want for the show? lol.

  • PLEASE come to Red Rocks, Colorado again. 2 nights there would be epic and well worth it.

  • Atlanta Atlanta! Second that man(girl)!

  • Coachella will be in April this year, so probably no Radiohead. 🙁

  • must come to argentina

  • Hey Radiohead!!!! Please come to Chile…

    Which country is the most searcher of information about Radiohead in the World ??? the answer is Chile !!!
    check it:

  • Come to CHILE!!

  • […] que la banda liderada por Thom Yorke, Radiohead, estaria incluyendo a Sudamerica en el marco de su proxima gira, la cual se extenderia por Mayo, Junio y Julio. Argentina y Brasil son los paises con […]

  • I hope that through these messages the group realizes the strong influence that their music has in south america since more than a decade. It would be such a big dissapointment to the incredible group of fans down here if they do not show up here. An by here i mean any place in South America since the oportunity to hear this amazing band live is so rare almost unique for many, that any southamerican fan would travel to any other country in the continent in order to have such a priviledge.

  • Hey Thom come to Stockton,CA last time you guy were in monteview,CA I drove one hour. trafic sucks!!!

  • Come to London, Ontario!! the JLC was made for Radiohead!!

  • Radiohead you have to come to South Africa!!!


  • and CHILE!!!???

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  • Please come to New York!! I missed you last year, and I definitely do not want to miss this year!

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