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Thom on Friends of the Earth

Thom Yorke posted on Dead Air Space again. Mostly about Friends Of The Earth’s ‘The Big Ask’ campaign.

.. after a long burn out day doing interviews here i feeling like my head is exploding…
and my brain has been rep[placed by and expanding vacumn.. is this normal doctor?

“yeszzz ziss is qwvite normal..”

anyway thankyou to everybody who keeps coming up to me that like IN RAINBOWs and what we’ve done x

i heard today that the british prime minister, gordon his name is, has finally stopped faffing about and is talking about climate change as the inconvenient truth that it is,

which ,being as i am involved with friends of the earth and the campaign to get a good law passed that really commits in the uk us to DO SOMETHINGfast, is (at least on the surface) a Good thing..

for the sake of all the people who have been helping in the campaign and have written to their letters i do hope that this is genuinely meant ….

up until now there has been not a lot of not a lot..

if there is a law then we all have to act. imagine if there was a similair law in the US? in AUstralia? in Japan? then there would be a giant ball rolling.. perhaps this one would be going in the right direction..
am i dreaming? i am not the only one.(ahem~)

heres what friends of the earth had to say if your innerested

love thom

Gordon Brown’s pledge to make Britain a world leader in tackling climate change has been welcomed today by Friends of the Earth. But the environmental campaign group said his words must now be matched by urgent action to cut UK carbon dioxide emissions, which have risen since Labour came to power. This must include a comprehensive review of all Government policies and strengthening its proposals for a new law to cut UK carbon dioxide emissions, which is due to be discussed by Parliament next week.

“After a summer of lobbying, wriggling, and confusion, the?Government’s apparent change of heart on renewable power is fantastic news, but will only be credible if new policies emerge to actually meet targets. Britain lags a long way behind most of our European neighbours on renewable power, despite having the greatest wind, wave and tidal resource in Europe. We should be able to contribute our fair share of the EU-wide renewable?energy commitment and source at least 20% of our energy from?renewables by 2020.”

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Government to take urgent action on climate change including:

Strengthening proposals for a new climate change law.

Following a campaign led by Friends of the Earth through The Big Ask climate campaign (, the Government has agreed to introduce a new law to tackle climate change. This will be the first national legislation anywhere in the world to set legally-binding targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Friends of the Earth says it must be strengthened to ensure a cut of at least 80 per cent in emissions by 2050, include pollution from Britain’s share of international aviation and shipping, and set annual milestones to ensure that we stay on track. The bill is due to be discussed in Parliament next week and could be law within six months.

2. Boosting renewables, including

* Expanding offshore wind tenfold by 2020
* Rolling out CHP and micro-renewables to homes, community and?public buildings – through grants, public procurement and a feed-in?tariff to guarantee a premium price for the electricity they?generate.?
* Backing projects to demonstrate the potential of promising?technologies such as vertical axis offshore wind turbines and tidal?lagoons
* Increasing by tenfold research and development into new? technologies – such as wave, solar, and energy storage, and?transmission technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells and advanced?cables.
* Championing major international renewable infrastructure?projects – including concentrated solar power (CSP) in North?Africa; offshore wind in the North Sea; and an extensive high- voltage direct current grid so that renewable electricity can be distributed across Europe and?surrounding regions.

3. Surface transport
The Government must tackle climate change from transport. This should include scrapping motorway-widening schemes and increasing investment in public transport and other low-carbon transport solutions.

4. Aviation

Plans to allow airports to expand should be frozen and more must be done to make the cost of flying reflect the environmental damage that it causes. Greater investment in rail could make this an attractive alternative to short-haul flights.

5. Budgetary measures are required to make it easier and cheaper for people to go green



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  • Yes Thom, We all do love In Rainbows! Thank you for all your hard work and musical prowess!


  • Mind the gap Major – space for fresh starts

  • does atease have to make news out of EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST from dead air space?

  • Hey stop complaining. Dead Air Space posts ARE news here no matter what the topic. In the old days Atease made news out of every single article about Radiohead or review of a new album.

    And I kind of missed that it didn’t this time around!

  • Don’t come on the bloody site then if you don’t like the fact At ease post things from Dead Air Space…

  • Thom really needs a dictionary/spell checker.

  • GO friends of the Earth and Radiohead! woohoo!! get that ball rollin’!

  • Congratulations to everyone in the UK for a hopeful resolution in taking on environmental issues. I envy Thom Yorke for having optimism in his government. I could only feel so lucky.

    I’m afraid that in the US we have more to fear in the coming year than any hope we could ever muster.

    Unfortunately, this President is in bed with too many of his cronies to do something positive for the environment, the country, or the community of this country and this planet. Adding into the mix Bush does not care about what anyone wants because his agenda is his only priority.

    I not only hold Bush responsible for the above actions or inactions, Mr. Cheney is probably more responsible for the bad.

    In the meantime all of us can do something positive by truly listening to the candidates and vote in the next election for a favorable, healthy and peaceful future.

  • Am I the only person who doesn’t give a crap about global warming, or climate change, or whatever term they’re using now a days? Thom, I love you but enuf is enuf, is enuf. Heh.

  • Well I think he is not busy enough not to think about this freaking global warming thing.

  • “Am I the only person who doesn’t give a crap about global warming, or climate change, or whatever term they’re using now a days? Thom, I love you but enuf is enuf, is enuf. Heh.
    T November 20th, 2007”

    I think you, the bush administration, the oil cartel, manufacturing companies and bush constituents are probably the only ones that do not care about global warming & climate change.

    So to answer your question, no you are not the only one.

    I appreciate everything everyone does to make this world a better place to live. I find it amazing that Thom Yorke can have enough time to make exquisite music, take time to care about the world we all live in and do all of the other things he does in his life. Life on this planet would be extraordinary if everyone tried as hard as Thom to be a citizen for Earth, not just use it.

  • hi i’m mouni from algeria i’m found
    of environment and i hope to be one
    of the friends of the earth thank you

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