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Jonny Greenwood wants at least 4 Oscars

Recently we reported about Jonny Greenwood’s growing chances at the upcoming Academy Awards for his ‘There Will Be Blood” score. In an interview with Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter Jonny said he deserves at least four Oscars.

Jonny claims that being awarded with just one Oscar would be an insult. We’re guessing that the generally modest guitarist is joking or something went wrong with the translation to Swedish.

In the same story Colin Greenwood mentions that the idea for the ‘pay-what-you-want’ In Rainbows download was presented to them for about 2 years ago by a friend of their managers.

He argued that paying the same price for music is practically means that all music has the same quality. Which would mean that buying a U2 album or a Roxette album (yes, we’re still in Sweden) is practically buying the same thing. Jonny said he was very proud to see over ten people from North Korea downloading ‘In Rainbows’, which was another reason to make the music avaialble from their website.

There’s also hope for the Swedes. Jonny hopes to return to Sweden for a tour as he has an unforgettable memory of Gothenburg, which reminds him of hometown Oxford.

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  • who are the peps from North Korea?
    that’s cool

  • Goteborg is gote-boring.

  • Jonny deserves 100 Oscars!

  • HELLO, he is joking, and it’s sooo cute…i doubt he will even go to the oscars if he gets nominated.

  • The north koreans were kim jung ill, his mistress, and 8 other elitists.

  • jonny will rule the oscars.

    the academy won’t know what hit them.

  • It was made quite clear in the article that Jonny was joking about the oscar awards. All artist say good things about the interviewer’s country. But why he chose to say something good about Goteborg to a Stockholm journalist is probably because he doesn’t like Stockholm. Or he’s just not aware of the rivalry and likes Goteborg better. Makes sense either way.

  • Yeah, the oscar thing was just a joke. I hope the part about them wanting to play in Sweden wasn’t though. 😉

  • Fuck Sweden. Come to Norway.

  • Come to Svalbard.

  • I ‘m thinking the 10 North Koreans must be high ranking officials of Kim Jung Ill’s regime. I don’t think regular citizens have internet access. I Might Be Wrong, no pun intended.

  • North Korea 😀 those people would be South Koreans who selected North Korea accidently.

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