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Ed & Thom go camping, Nigel plays with Beck

A report from the Sun today. Apparently, Ed O’Brien invited quite a number of music celebrities for his stag do to go out… er… camping.

Ed asked Thom Yorke, Johnny Marr and The Chemical Brothers and bought six tents and disappeared into the Dartmoor wilderness for the weekend. The best man tried to hire TV outdoors expert Ray Mears to teach them survival. A source at the camp said: “The whole crew went off hiking, had campfires, played campfire songs, and generally got wasted.”

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich was in Los Angeles this weekend, where he joined Beck on stage at the Echoplex. Nigel played the keyboards and tambourine throughout the entire set. [thx Kay & Art Alvarez]

Nigel and Beck

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  • awesome

  • what a story, hee hee.

  • I was around there last night! just a tad too late for the concert..

  • I thought the Ed & Thom camping thread on the mb was just some kind of a stupid fan fiction again and didn’t read it :X

  • “For his stag”…

    What does this phrase mean?

    And the use of the term “best man” almost makes this look like there is some sort of wedding thing going on.

  • “…generally got wasted.”

    Sounds like a good time.

  • I wanna go camping with Thom and Ed too.

  • I would’ve chose Bear Grylls hehe

  • camping with thom and ed=yay!

  • The Belief-Action Nexus is booking a fishing trip with Thom and Jonny. We will catch wierd fishes

  • Actually it’s been reported here (in Chile) that Nigel will be playing with Beck on the 5th December where he’ll open for The Police (yuk).

  • Aren’t the Chemical Bros called Ed and Tom too? That must get confusing- Ed and Thom and Ed and Tom 🙂

  • Would’ve been even funnier if Jonny Greenwood went along too- then it would be Ed, Thom and Jonny with Ed, Tom and Johnny!

  • I thought Ed was married?

  • I bet Nigel’s a mean tambourine player.

  • Just Thom? Why not the entire band?

  • heh, beck. gettin wasted with thom and ed would be pretty rad.

  • ‘Stag do’ a.k.a Bachelor party.

  • Your blog looks good. Nice choice of colors for the design . I dont think this blog is WordPress is it?

  • […] #1: There was a report a few years ago about Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien going on a jolly little camping trip with the Chemical […]

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