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‘In Rainbows’ Discbox arrives one week early

Radiohead fans are expecting their ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox to arrive around December 3rd. One lucky fan got his Discbox a week early by accident.

The Disbox which includes a 12″ vinyl and CD versions of ‘In Rainbows’, as well as the lyrics booklet and of course the much anticipated ‘CD 2’, arrived at AtEaser Spuffmeister’s house yesterday. Excitement all over, especially on the message board. Hopefully Spuffmeister can resist the many requests and not upload CD2 on the internets. But he did share some info on the mysteriously titled tracks ‘MK 1’ and ‘MK2’ and some pictures of the nicely packaged Discbox.

Radiohead In Rainbows Discbox

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  • I guess the delivery company were a little over eager to dispatch! What can I say? 🙂

  • Anyone care to post the info in a comment here? The board appears to be dead — which is infuriating me.

  • I received mine today also, but it showed up loaded with 2 Britney Spears discs and a vinyl version of “Afternoon Delight” by The Starland Vocal Band. Needless to say I am a bit disappointed.

    I can’t wait for my friggin discbox to arrive!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!

  • […] of the Radiohead discbox have begun arriving at fans’ houses. […]

  • So what is the deal with MK1 and MK2? I’m sure as hell not going to register at the forums just to get this info (the forums shouldn’t be private in the first place…)

  • Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! Say nothing, man!!!!!! 🙁

  • I got mine too. MK1 is the Mortal Kombat theme (Googly Bear remix) and MK2 is Creep (Mortal Kombat remix).

  • keep up the good work spuff! don’t give in to peer pressure!

  • shame… i was hoping for several pictures of lily allen in different silly outfits, because THAT’S what makes the music, right?


    seriously, though… it looks wonderful. i can’t wait for mine to arrive! 😀

  • MK1 is an instrumental, very close to ‘paperbag writer’.
    MK2 is new song, a full band midtempo stunner, with the most layered background vocal tracks since ‘let down’.

  • My boy at XO swears ‘spooks’ is not one of the MKs. Can u confirm?

  • Both MK1 and MK2 are an around 1 minute short fills. Confirmed by the discbox holder. Also he said that 4 minute warning was a beautiful closer. And, HE IS NOT going to upload it. Wait a bit and don’t whine, you’ll get your’s pretty soon. 🙂

  • Wow good on you for not uploading, would of been quite an irony if the bonus disc was leaked on the web after all that fuss you might of heard about with how In Rainbows was released.

    you lucky sod

  • Err ive had mine delivered this morning and i WILL post the cd2 up on megaupload or whatever when im back from work

  • lucky bastards!!! 😉

  • I got a phonecall a day ago saying the diskbox was ready by courier but I had given the wrong postcode.

    I therefore wouldn’t be surprised if we all got it early. Afterrall, it said on or before December 3rd

  • goooooooooooooooooooood

  • […] News: einer hat die Disc-Box eine Woche früher bekommen und – sie spielen auf dem Hurricane! Radiohead fans are expecting their ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox […]

  • Is it like B-sides? Or Amnesiac to Kid A? Discuss.

  • That is totally cool! And much respect for NOT putting cd2 online. Totally awesome! Can’t for my discbox! Gonna name it Spuff! LOL!

  • as yes, don’t upload disc 2 because we can all certainly afford the discbox.

  • you bastards

  • […] Meanwhile, everyone elese is getting all very giddy and excited about the fact that they can hold a legit copy of In Rainbows at the end of next month. Or if you had the money to splash, then a mere two weeks or so is ahead of you till you get it all in luxurious discbox style. Well unless you’re a lucky bastard like this guy. […]

  • Shit, what about the obsessive Radiohead fan population without daddy’s allowance or a cushy job yielding the massive amount of money for this disc box? I want down is the new up noowwwwwwwww…

  • cd2

  • damn those people that uploaded it! It’s pretty easily accessible from the various online dl sources. now… do i give in to temptation or listen to it the way the band intended for me to listen to it?


  • Spuffmeister,looks publice at an article, where you go out your for it of the Discbox, I am of Chile, South America. Regards.

  • i want it soooo bad!!!!! Bangers N’ Mash..ahhh, hopefully i’ll get it!!

  • We’ve all spent hundreds of dollars on Radiohead thorughout our lives. Leak the fucking Cd.

  • People have their reasons for wanting it leaked, like me, I bought the box set but I had it sent to Canada. I live in South Korea, but I have no CD player here so it is of no use to me. Put the CD on Torrent so I can get it on my iPod. Hurry up.

  • To everyone who is flaming this guy for not uploading it – GET A LIFE!
    I can’t believe the attitude of some people. Why should he upload it???
    I’ve brought the disk box and am more than happy to wait. If you haven’t ordered it, and just hope to get a copy of Cd2 for nothing – TOUGH TITTIES!

    As good as Radiohead is, there are being issues in the World than ranting and raving because you need to hear these songs NOW and you can’t wait until Dec 3.

    Again, GET A LIFE!

  • Does the second disc come also on the
    vinyl format? In Rainbows disc one should
    fit on a 33, it doesn’t make much sense
    to me for them to split it up onto to
    LPs, but what do I know? I just haven’t
    seen anything conculsive about this.

  • Does anyone know where I can find disc 2 on the web? I was broke at the time of the re-release, so I didn’t order the discbox, however I’m dying to hear the new songs! Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Michael, your ranting and raving more than anyone. You should get a life.

  • @Mike
    yea, but michael said “tough titties” and that’s pretty funny

  • well i ordered mine on 2nd of december and i’m STILL waiting for it! grrrrr

  • ok everybody it’s december 22, 2007 and my discbox hasn’t arrived yet. I live in Arizona, USA. Can anybody calm me down? Is there any way to tell if this thing is on it’s way to my house or what? I NEED HELP!

  • still waiting in california…



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