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Pocket remix of ‘Unravel’ cover

Burnside Project vocalist Richard Jankovich has digitally released a remix of Radiohead’s version of Bjork’s ‘Unravel’.

Radiohead recorded ‘Unravel’ for their webcast ‘Thumbs Down’. Jankovich made a remix of the track and already received reviews from Stereogum (“We’ve always been fans but this is the deepest Pocket’s gone yet. Outstanding”) and Pitchfork (“chops up Yorke’s vocal, adding squishy synths and introduces Radiohead to Bjork herself”).

Listen to the remix over at

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  • Sweeet

  • Excellent.

  • Can anyone direct me to get Radioheads cover of The Smiths song that they played recently on their website? I love the Smiths and Morissey and it would be an honor to hear a master band play a masters song!! Thank you.

  • Thom Yorkes voice behind such an elegant band and their gift. I am honored to have ears!!!

  • I’ve had this since the day after the webcast. I ABSOLUTELY love it!!

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like it? The song is o.k.

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