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Radiohead on YouTube and AOL Radio

Radiohead’s label in the US, TBD Records, are upgrading the band’s online presence with a YouTube channel and a channel on AOL Radio.

Earlier on a Facebook page was opened, where fans can add Radiohead to their profiles. Now, the Radiohead YouTube channel has gone live. The YouTube channel ( currently hosts only two videos, taken from the Thumb’s Down webcast, but more videos will be added soon. And if that wasn’t enough, an “all Radiohead” channel will be available on AOL Radio in the coming week.

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  • hooray!

  • What sort of stuff will they put on AOL radio?

  • that’s really something

  • just for a little more info

    the youtube thing is a vapor brothers thing.
    check their website

  • “before ze zilence kills us,” ve must move on!” The Belief-Action Nexus likee YouTube and will be on it soon for all of you.

  • what a joke

  • from the Radiohead YouTube account:
    Style: Alternative
    Joined: October 08, 2005
    Last Login: 1 day ago
    Videos Watched: 2,784”

    i really don’t think it’s their official account. i mean, can you picture them watching 2,784 youtube videos?

  • lol good point

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