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Radiohead tour takes shape, Tickets available

Radiohead’s tour is taking shape now serveral dates and venues are added. Some dates are on sale already or will go on sale soon.

The two shows in Paris are taking place at Bercy on June 9th & 10th. The show at Barcelona is no longer listed as the Daydream festival. The venue will probably will be announced soon. The shows in Nimes are now down to just one show at Arenes on June 14th. The Berlin show will take place at Wuhlheide on July 8th. Radiohead’s appearance at the Roskilde Festival is now confirmed for Thursday July 3rd.

Tickets are currently on sale for the following shows: Milan, Southside Festival, Hurricane Festival and Roskilde Festival. Get your tickets at W.A.S.T.E.

The tickets for the shows in Paris, Nimes and Berlin will go on sale soon. For a full list of shows, check the Radiohead tour dates.

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  • if i lived there i’d be home by now

  • Hi,
    Roskilde start day given above is a Thursday, not Tuesday. And that’s only when it starts – it runs for four days and I would assume they’d actually play on the Sunday night.


  • it’s the 14th of june for nimes arenas.last time they play there it was actually the 14th of july

  • God, I need to know when is “On Sale Soon”. I’m turning mad.

  • how fast are these tickets selling out?
    because i wanna make sure i’m able to get some toronto tickets when they appear..

  • yeah! need toronto tickets!!

  • OMG ! BERCY !!!

    I’m living there ,yes it is the reason why i live in there!!

    Thank you Radiohead !!!

  • if i get to see them play massey hall, my life will be fulfilled haha

  • why are they touring? isn’t it bad for the planet or some shit?

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