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The ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox has arrived

According to plan the ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox has been delivered to a number of Radiohead fans already. The Discbox contains the CD and Vinyl versions of ‘In Rainbows’ together with a lyrics booklet, but more importantly… CD2 of ‘In Rainbows’.

Inevitably, the enhanced bonus disc with 8 new Radiohead tracks and tons of pictures has already hit the pipes of the internets. For those who haven’t received their Discbox yet, please be patient as this month is a busy month in the world of mail. You can still order your package at

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  • Oh it’s good, REALLY fucking good.

  • Yay for 18 song In Rainbows in full quality!
    Absolute undisputed masterpiece.

    5-18 days to see the artwork in person and listen to the vinyl. ’tis an incredible moment in musical history right now.

    Glad to be living it.

  • Memo to XL, ATO, etc who want to make their money back: forget IR and release ‘4 Minute Warning’ and ‘DITNU’ as your first singles. One for Starbucks moms, one for the clubs–#1s on both charts. Nothing in IR has the immediacy of these tracks.

  • Im….speechless..its…AMAZING.

    Listen to the whole album right through and try and say this isnt the most important piece of musik of our time.

  • Could someone give a brief breakdown of eack of the songs? Unfortunately, I’m still broke so I’ve been unable to order the diskbox as of yet, but I’m dying to here the studio versionbs of the new songs!!!

  • i was shocked for some reason to find out the vinyl only had like 6 songs from disc 1. i don’t know what i expected!

  • Priya: there are 2 vinyls, one in the inside front cover with tracks 1-6, and one in the inside back cover with tracks 7-10.

  • What companies are they using to ship the box? Has anyone from Canada received theirs?

  • I know how you feel James – still no
    sign of boxes in Germanyland. Probably
    come with the Southside tickets…
    i am glad that they are not rushing &
    destroying perfection – thx 4 sharing

    thank you.

  • no sign of arrival in toronto yet,
    as in me and my immediate friends that have ordered.

  • any arrival in the US?

    i got my dispatch email last night, 5-18 days..

  • does anyone know for sure if the bonus cd is gonna be selling in stores along w/in rainbows in double disc form? ..i’m pretty sure i read that somewhere. either that or it was my imagination. and is the discbox “limited edition”?

  • last flowers is amazing, bit underwhelmed with the others so far

  • Nate, here is a brief one:

    1. MK1–short instrumental/vocal medley, Thom is “aahing” and “oohing,” while the piano background seems like a sampling of “Videotape”

    2. Down is the New Up–greatly ambient and atmospheric, Thom sings very clearly and the several layers of synthesizers add an eerie, preternatural feel to the song.

    3. Go Slowly–a bit different than on stage, very ambient once again, lots of echoing synthesizers and long harmonious vocal “aahs” and “oohs.” The second part of the song features a nice acoustic guitar, reminding you of songs like “Fake Plastic Trees.”

    4. MK2–short instrumental with synthetic sound, sort of like “Genchildren” (the hidden track of Kid A).

    5. Last Flowers–exactly like on stage, except that Thom is playing the piano during the verse section and acoustic guitar/piano during the chorus. Very clear vocals, slightly different lyrics–a greatly-moving melody!

    6. Up on the Ladder–similar melody to what it used to be, but featuring now a different arrangement, sort of what happened to “Lift.” Heavy muffled guitars in the background make the riff almost indistinct–the tempo is a bit slower and the song has a more distinct “shape.” Thom sings once again very clearly and separates the words sometimes oddly, almost “clinically.” The “You let the people down” part at the end is missing.

    7.Bangers and Mash — more or less, like on stage, a cacophonic, funny song, reminding you of “Bodysnatchers.” Not one of my favorites, but has an enjoyable dance feel to it.

    8. 4 minute warning–a long sustained “noise” makes up about 55 seconds of the intro, then follows a piano/muffled guitar version of what you heard on stage, Thom singing again very clearly and beautifully. The song sounds pacified, quiet, subdued, and, unsurprisingly, lasts exactly 4:00 minutes.

  • they killed up on the ladder. I loved the live cuts, but this is just mush. only thing that rubbed me the right way was bangers and mash. also all 18 tracks come in at just under 70 min, letting them all fit on to one cd.

  • I’m so tempted to upload the studio version of Down is the New Up. I’m not used to waiting for music anymore. It’s killing me.

  • It’s all good.

  • I have to steal me electric just to stay warm so i’ll not be affording this

  • For all of you who say you can’t afford the bonus disk: go to, or and you’ll find a download link in the “music” section. Yeah, I know, I should be feeling ashamed for posting this, but 40 pounds is just way too much to pay, even though the album is great!

  • Mmmm Traviis…

  • Neither an e-mail notification, nor any sign of delivery in Japan as of yet;(

  • So I will be getting an email from W.A.S.T.E. once it’s dispatched, yes?

    Thanks for any insight. I’ve been anxiously running home for work every day in hope that it’s on the doorstep–but it sounds like I should be anxiously checking my email instead.

    Thanks to anyone with insight.

  • Sorry, I don’t have a user name for the discussion board…but just listened to MK1. Has anybody else mentioned that this has to be an outtake from a studio recording of videotape!? It even has a tiny bit of the piano part from it!! And MK2 sounds like a mixed up version of the opening vocals from Nude!

  • You can listen to the songs on youtube.
    They’re great, but I do miss the ending
    of up on the ladder. Otherwise awesome, I especially like “go slowly”.

  • Down Is The New Up is quite good! I had been waiting excitedly for it ever since I heard the “cutting room floor” piece. And I was curious to see if they’d keep the high-pitch thing (they did!).

    Last Flowers kinda sounds like his brother’s band (Andy Yorke, Unbelievable Truth).

    Bangers & Mash, a song I didn’t like too much from the live or cutting floor versions, has gotten a lot funner to listen to!

    And I hate to say this, but I was REALLY looking forward to 4 Minute Warning (from hearing the live recording) and was quite disappointed. The 1st minute is just “in the way” to me, and the beginning vocals don’t sound right at all (VERY quiet). And they fade in awkwardly. It sounds poorly mastered. Also, they replaced the piano with… I have no clue. Some strange synth or amp.

  • i’m downloading CD2 now. don’t feel guilty at all because i’ve bought discbox anyway. it’s gonna take ages for it to arrive in Malaysia

  • not yet, fuck
    waste email me. buaaaaaaa
    have to wait a few days

  • I am blessed to have such a creative and talented band in my era as Radiohead. They bring so much joy to my soul and my heart. Thank you Radiohead for coming to my rescue. I found so much joy from the band ever since I was in my friend Chris’s room and heard Creep on KROQ in California for the first time. So many smiles and tears this band has brought to my soul. Thank The Lord Jesus for giving me ears and for Radiohead.

  • Just listened to the CD2. I have to say this: POOR. Honestly, I didn’t like the CD1 so much, except for two or three songs (Faust Arp is amazing, Jigsaw too). But CD2 is terrible. Felt like the songs are soooo long and unsurprising. And sadly I think that’s because most of the songs on this record are just bad. I respect all others who liked IR, I think the production is good. And it’s ok: Nigel wanted instruments to sound with presence and Thom’s voice in front. But the level of songs is just low. “Last flowers” and DITNU should last 1 minute less, “4 min warning” arrangement sucks (not to mention “Reckoner”, just horrible). I could go on but the idea is: they wanted to re invent their sounding and they did it well, but for a listener who has gone through Kid A and Amnesiac, this is just not challenging at all. End.

  • if you dont have anything nice to say, dont put it on a radiohead FAN site. what do u think they do while making a record? they have reasons for everything they do, if ya dont like it, buy something else.

  • Can someone post a link to pictures
    of the set? Not the one on
    Pics of the actual set they received?

  • Just got it, a gift from a very close friend, and it ROCKS!


  • Seriously guys, I love The Head, but most of these songs are half-baked and half finished, really not very good at all.

    Example, Up The Ladder, who really wants to hear “I Might Be Wrong” again, it wasn’t all that good 6 years ago. Four Minute Warning and Down is the New Up are decent, but nowhere near the quality on CD1, basically pretty good B-sides.

    The rest of the songs don’t even add up to good B sides.

    Radiohead have put out some execellent b-sides in their career (Life, Fog, Worrywort) but these are not even that good, most fizzle out without any build up or production at all.

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