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Radiohead Box to include bonus live album

The Radiohead Box Set, which EMI are releasing on December 10, will include access to a stream of Radiohead’s performance at Eurockéennes De Belfort from 2003.

The seven album box set already includes all six studio albums and live album ‘I Might Be Wrong’, to be released as a box set with all albums in digipacks, a digital download and as a USB stick. For a limited time owners can access the show online at ‘Les Eurockéennes‘ from July 4, 2003.

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  • What complete bastards. Knowing we’ve spent £40(excluding whatever for the download), gig and festival tickets the decide to release this information. Is it their way of getting back at the band or trying to fuck us? If anyone does buy it please upload the live stuff

  • EMI are fuckers…i am not buying that shit cause i know radiohead wouldn’t have allowed it to be put out like this with all the shows and other stuff…and i bet it’ll be a piece of shit anyway…i am not falling for the record company’s shit..i wouldn’t be suprised if thom yorke is livid.

  • The DVD and audio of Eurockéennes 2003 is available on the internet already.

  • emi even copied rh using the word/format of a box, think…trying to confuse fans..with the hope of make some stupid money…last efforts to collect money for the upcoming falling of the empire of the major record labels…shame

  • who’s up for some Banksy like sicker fun with the boxset???

  • Sticker even…

  • Errrm … this is already available on the internet for free :S Couldn’t they do something more stupid than this!?

  • For a limited time… online? This concert is everywhere. I’ve downloaded the audio and seen (and recorded) it in full HDTV glory on television.

  • HDTV?!?!?! Really?!?! I need to do a quick little search to see if I can find that!

  • Yeah it’s just a stream, kinda pathetic really. EMI seems desperate to make it relevant. Boycott the box set!

  • I’m getting over all the controversy, but that’s hardly a bonus. Eurockéennes is a great show, but there’s more classic shows available on youtube. It is scary how much power they’re flexing though. This might be a dumb question, but RH are still getting the royalties off this stuff right? I would hope so.

  • Yeah, I’m sure they’re still getting royalties. Radiohead should put some of the money they get from the box set aside and use it to start up a nonprofit to help bands with the coding and technical details required to release their own label-free pay what you will albums.


  • give up emi

  • emi is shit
    dont buy they shit

  • I wonder if the new guys at the head of EMI were the ones that made this decision? hmm…..

  • yawn

  • honestly i don’t think radiohead cares to get into the “helping struggling artists” business.. they’ve said it over and over, they did the download thing because it was different and to shake shit up, never to send a big “anti-label” message. The real fans who bought the In Rainbows boxset have already got Eurockeennes on dvd and in flac and don’t give a shit about this EMI boxset for anything other than maybe a novelty USB beardrive. it’s dirty, but it’s business, and radiohead said goodbye to EMI so EMI is cashing in on what they have left while they still can. big deal.


    EMI are trying to capitalise on your fear of not owning something. Let go and join the new Radiohead revolution. The record execs are so scared of losing their money, they are resorting to really low tactics. The old me would have lapped this up, but I have seen the light now. Thom and the Dalai Lama are my heros!

    Yes, a jigsaw has fallen into place for me

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