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European dates and venues now revealed

The dates for the rest of the European Radiohead tour are now revealed, so we can now properly match them with all the earlier announced cities.

In June Radiohead will play Dublin’s Malahide Castle (7/6), Parc del Forum in Barcelona (12/6), London’s Victoria Park (24/6 & 25/6), Glasgow Green (27/6) and the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester (29). Tickets for the Ireland and UK dates will go on sale Friday December 7 at 9am through ticketmaster. FNAC will be tickets for the Nimes show. Tickets for the show at Amsterdam’s Westerpark will go on sale December 8th through ticketmaster.

An allocation of tickets for all European shows will go on sale ‘soon’ at W.A.S.T.E.

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  • Nice gap for Glasto….


  • “the rest of the Radiohead tour” — Does this mean that there’s no Australia show?!

  • arrrg!

    omg omg omg

    Made my morning while in a boring meeting!

  • i’m sure Australia will (crossed fingers) figure into the equation some time late next year…ie… Euro, US and Sth America tour, break and then Japan and Aust tour so Thom dosent blow out his voice again.,….
    well here’s hoping..

  • Well, they ‘owe’ Melbourne a show or two. They’ve only been here twice before and as you say, he didn’t have a voice for one of them. Bitterly disappointing.

  • Do you think they’re going to do the whole south park thing but on a wider scale?

  • No Glastonbury then, they’ll be in Manchester on that day.


    I’m dying.

  • Naa…if they do Glasto surely it’ll be the Saturday nite?

  • I’m not sure they’d do the Saturday night at Glastonbury and come all the way back to Manchester? Also when people play at the cricket ground it’s fairly common for it to be an all day afair with several bands, whilst there’s been no indication of this it’s a possibility that means that they may need to be there even earlier. I could be wrong but I don’t think they’ll do it, they have a travel day without gigs between each venue for the other gigs.

  • 70 euro!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • bahh! I have to leave on a ship contract in a few days….what about Montreal? and North America…i hope to find out soon!!! and about the box somebody got it in America…her in Québec we had a very big snow storm and still nothing in the mail…i’m mad….i’m mad…

  • How soon is now?
    Listen to In Rainbows and you will undestand that thom
    means “his” song down is the new up seriously.

  • Can anybody tell me if these are the only dates for Europe, or will more be added at any point?

  • Deborah, It looks like these are the only dates for Europe. Who knows they might come back in the Fall. But it’s not likely that any euro dates will be added for the summer.

  • The allocation of UK tickets is up on W.A.S.T.E

  • dublin tickets on waste now!

  • Thanks Adriaan.

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