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Radiohead interviews: Spectator & De Pers

A while ago we gave you some previews of the Columbia Spectator interview with Radiohead and manager Bryce Edge. As of now, you can read the full interview online at the Spectator website.

In The Netherlands an interview with Thom Yorke and Phil Selway appeared in De Pers. Thom said releasing ‘In Rainbows’ the way they did was an answer to a lot of things.

Thom: “For me, the most important thing was that every album leaks on the internet one way or another. Doing it this way, we were in control of the situation again. And we wanted to have this exciting feeling again: you produce de record, you upload it. And you’re done. Just like John Lennon, who said about Instant Karma: I wrote it before breakfast, I recorded it before lunch and we’ll release before dinner.”

Some people thought they were ripped off, when a conventional release was announced after the download, when they spent $25 dollars for a download with inferior quality.

Thom: “But if we only did the download, a lot of people weren’t able to hear the record. Period. People like my mother! People in Brazil, Argentina, Japan. Those people didn’t download because we couldn’t pull a multi-lingual site together!”

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  • John Lennon!

    Thom’s mother!
    double woot!

  • John Lennon is Thom’s mother.

  • 😀

  • You should have included the last paragraph of their interview from De Pers. I don’t speak dutch, so I translated it in a bad online dictionary and it was very difficult to understand. But one thing I could understand the result of it. They were talking about future releases!!!! The reporter asked something like: “Do you plan release your upcoming albums the same way you did with In Rainbows?”
    Phil replied they don’t know yet and it will depend of what they are doing in the future. Besides, he said they have no contracts, so who knows?
    Thom said they have absolutely nothing in mind yet. He also said we must remember they only did it this time because they were very proud of what they had and of its energy. If they make music in the future that is better suitable on an album, than they would probably do it again this way. I can’t understand the last translated phrase of his interview but it seems that he says that the idea of keep doing music is there, but it must have a meaning to continue. If there’s a dutch here on atease who wants to translate it for us, I would appreciate it a lot!!!
    Radiofuckinhead Brazil

  • Last paragraph in English: (I’m dutch)

    Is the release of future albums to be done exactly like this album?

    Selway: “We don’t know yet. It depends on if it fits with the things we are going to do in the future. For me it isn’t necessairy to pin it already. You’re doing the things you think will fit the best in the things that happen around you and the record that you’ve made. We have absolutely no contractual obligations whatsoever.”

    Yorke: “Absolutely nothing! You must remember well that we only did this because we were finished and proud of what we had made. Because that energy was there, we did this. If we are going to make music after this which is suitable best for a LP, we might do that. The whole thing of making music constantly is that it has to keep on meaning something to us.”

  • No more free downloads? That’s sad 😀 Just kidding.. Btw, then how many languages does Thom speak?

  • full english translation link anyone please???

    thanks so much…Y

  • Ok, now translate it back into Dutch, then back into English – repeat. Eventually you’ll get the lyrics to In Rainbows.

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