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Radiohead support ticket scalpers tax

Radiohead are joining forces with artists like KT Tunstall and Robbie Williams to protect the music industry from scalpers who make profits reselling tickets to in-demand gigs.

Musicians and live music bosses are keen to harness a share of the profits made by ticket resales online in the U.K, as many tickets for sold-out concerts fetch far more than their face value. A new campaign proposes fans who buy or sell tickets online should be forced to pay a levy, which would profit the music industry and artists concerned. Marc Marot, of the Resale Rights Society, says, “It is unacceptable that not a penny of the estimated GBP200 million ($400 million) in transactions generated by the resale of concert tickets in the U.K. is returned to investors in the live music industry.” But the move has angered critics, who insist any new measures to help artists make profits through resales would be unfair to music fans. [from contactmusic]

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  • Is this why ticket prices are so damn high! £46.80 for the Dublin Gig with a £4.50 service charge! I’l pay it cus its radiohead but aint too happy. Ahh well just have to skimp on the children’s christmas presents.

  • im still confused as to what a handling charge is?????
    its ridiculous

  • i get taxing the reseller, but not the buyer. they’re already paying more than the original price.

  • I actually don’t get any of it. I hate scalpers and refuse to buy their product no matter how tempting. But taxes that go back to the artist? That makes no sense. That is in no way different from, say, I buy a painting of a famous artist. The art appreciates over several years, I sell it to another collector for much more money. Do I then owe the original artist some of that markup? No…it was an investment. I don’t have to pay the original builders of my house more money when I resell it.

  • So now they want me to pay even more after i pay like 3 convience charges and taxes on top of the ticket? wtf

  • I got 2 tickets for the Amsterdam Gig so me and my girlfriend can make a weekend break out of it, £100 in total which is a hell of a lot. I’m willing to pay it to see Radiohead but then considering the last two times i saw them (Glasto and V fest) the tickets were £120 each and you got 3 days of bands this is rather costly.

  • that’s so ridiculous… these guys have already all the money they need when they play sold-out concerts, but they want even more by earning money from people reselling their tickets? greedy greedy greedy radiohead…

  • Is this why the handling costs are so high for the tour tickets? I don’t get the logics behind this. If a ticket has been sold and the artist gets his money for it, and then the ticket is being reselt to someone who really wants to come but was too late, it’s a good thing right? All three party’s happy, end of story. why should you put a those extra costs on top of the ticket while you could easily make the normal price higher if you don’t earn enough money to make profit from the concert. (which I don’t think is the case here…)In that way we know what the REAL price is from the start.

  • the reason is to have an excuse for a higher price.. nothing more.

  • I wonder where they’re coming from on this..? I understand the desire to shut down these operations so the fans can buy tickets at a reasonable price (instead of having to compete with automated buyers/resellers), but I don’t know that this would accomplish that…

  • i don’t think this has anything to do with the high prices for tickets at the moment, other than that they know they can get away with it, because they’ve seen what people will pay touts. i can’t stand ticket touts, so if this tax were to discourage people from doing that then i guess it might be a good thing, but really it’d be far better to try and end the process altogether. although the recent attempts by led zep on their tour just made it stupidly hard for people to even buy tickets for their friends. is an online face value ticket exchange for people who have spares and want to sell them on without making a profit – if more people used it then maybe we can put the touters out of business.

  • Wow, this is really, REALLY rotten. Sure it’s going to benefit the artists, but it’s guaranteed to screw the fan more than ever. In the end these taxes are just gonna make the scalpers’ prices even higher and getting tickets for venues even harder for fans who don’t have much money in the first place. The artist is going to make money on the scalping-business, which means that the artist also recognizes what the scalpers are doing as completely fair.. Which it IS NOT! People/bands should really move to try and get a law passed that would make it illegal to resell concert tickets for more than they were worth in the first place. I am deeply saddened that Radiohead support this..

  • if you look at this press release linked on my name, you can see that the story is slightly out of context. Quoting … ‘Artist management organisations behind more than 400 performing artists, including the Verve … and Radiohead are banding together…’. So it’s not Radiohead, it’s their management. The resale rights society also want some sort of “kite scheme” to try and protect consumers. Seems to me that Radiohead’s management have been saying some things recently that the band might not agree with?

  • Typical. In the end its all about the $.

  • cut radiohead a little slack – i know almost £50 for a ticket is still a lot, but remember that many of us saved around £10 by paying very little for the ‘in rainbows’ download, instead of paying for the CD.

  • No but hold on, many of us will still buy the album. Tickets are expensive.

  • Well I bought 4 tickets for me and my 3 mates, but one can’t go as it clashes with his family holiday abroad. There will be lots of massive RH fans that might have missed the tickets going on sale for whatever reason and want to try and get their hands on a ticket, why shouldn’t I be allowed to resell it? A case of its illegal but morally right to do so.

  • Way to go Robbie and Radiohead. I’m sick of scalpers profiteering, including unofficial scalpers who call themselves fans, but are willing to buy more than their share to resell. I HATE scalpers!

  • It’s not clear Radiohead have anything to do with this. Or, like some commenters here, they might have thought it was an anti-scalper measure.

    Personally, I say just put a few scalpers against the wall as an example.

  • I chose a ticket instead of a discbox. Thank you very much guys 🙁

  • Who gives a crap. Most everything now days is take advantage of anyone you can. SO go ahead and rip off the music fans. Rip off everyone you can when it comes to music, because you in Idaho where no one will hear you scream with joy when true fans are trying to be honest and the rest of you ASSHOLES are ripping off the people who are honest. I mean as long as you get a profit who cares if you can order twenty thousand tickets IMMEDIATELY and then wait for TRUE fans to want to hear good music and charge $300 Bones for a ticket that cost $60 Bucks. Come on, if you don’t RIP us off, Ticketmaster will. Radiohead is this the way you want it.

  • why not force you to put a name on your online ticket that has to match a photo or some other ID that you have when you enter the venue?

    scalping problem solved.

  • right on.

  • There’s nothing wrong with reselling a ticket IF it’s for the SAME PRICE AS YOU BOUGHT IT FOR. But for what reason than utter greed do you resell the ticket for 2 times the original price? In that case you are NOT helping anyone. Quite the contrary.
    More people need to care about this issue. I really hope Radiohead are NOT backing this up and that this is just their greedy fucking management dickheads in action.

  • I agree that something has to be done, but this is not it.

    This is basically saying to touts- carry on what you are doing. We’ll just take a cut. What they should be trying to do is nail these fuckers to the wall!!!!!!

    If I buy tickets for friends and resell them at face value then that’s fine.

  • Yeah, that’s probably why they’re selling their fucking tickets 60€ ! They’re scalping their own tickets… And atthe end of the story the only loser is the fan.

  • This solution works in theory because you would suspect that fans wont be willing to pay above a certain price for tickets.
    However in reality fans can be stupid and will pay ANY price.
    Its economics 101, supply and demand. Only twist is that the ceiling for which the market will accept a price has yet to be reached.

    Solution? Do more shows, that way fans have no reason to buy scalped tickets.

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