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Radiohead to play Main Square Festival

Radiohead have added the French Main Square Festival to their tour schedule. The festival in Arras doesn’t have a date yet, but Radiohead will play the festival after their Werchter appearance and before their show in Berlin.

This means the show will be on the 6th or 7th of July, 2008. Currently, there’s no information on tickets yet. The Main Square Festival is the fourth French show on their upcoming tour. As confirmed earlier, Radiohead will also be playing Paris (twice) and Nimes in June. The tickets for those shows are expected to go on sale soon.

Update: The Main Square Festival updated their website. Radiohead will be playing on the closing date, July 6th. The festival will start on July 4th. Tickets will go on sale December 21, through

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  • does anyone know why one of the dublin dates has been removed?

  • gosh, when are the tour dates for n. america coming…???!!!!

    kewl though!!!

  • France RULES ! haha.
    Tixs now.


  • Should come to Sasquatch Fest in Seattle. Please?

  • That means that they might add new shows, which means that there’s still hope that they will come to Sweden. 🙂

  • Since this year’s edition was held on a
    friday and a saturday, I guess it’s
    clear to say that they will play Rock
    Werchter on July 4 (friday) and Main
    Square on July 5 (saturday), though I
    sure hope it’s the other way around. But
    I don’t have that amount of luck…

  • Nop, I guess they will play on the 6th (sunday) to close the festival. Radiohead is the big artist there this year.

  • Can’t be the 8th Ade, they’re in Berlin on the 8th 😉

    Sunday July 6 on Main Square.
    Thank God.

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