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German fans cheapest, Italians most generous

The Greenwood brothers had an interview with Belgian Focus Knack. Colin and Jonny talk about releasing ‘In Rainbows’, not signing with EMI and reveal that there’s a Spice Girl and every one of them.

One of the goals set for ‘In Rainbows’ was to prevent the album from leaking on the internet beforehand, as had happened with the previous three albums.
Colin: “It felt like a gigantic risk. Like Mission: Impossible, almost. We destroyed all CDs after every day of recording. And on the master we’d always write a name which would probably nobody would listen to if we had lost it; ‘Eagles: Greatest Hits.’ ‘Kula Shaker Demo’s.’ ‘Phil Collins’s Hip Hop Covers.’

Jonny: “Did you ever hear that record? You won’t believe your ears!”

In the meantime it turned out ‘only’ 38 percent of your fans paid for the ‘In Rainbows’ download. Were…

Colin : (interupts) “There were a lot more, although I have no idea of the latest figures. The last thing I heard from our manager was that our German fans were the cheapest, our Italian fans the most generous.”

Do we have the right image Thom creates for himself in interviews; The dictator who creates a ‘climate of fear’?

Jonny: No, that’s the image the media like to create. Scary Thom.
Colin : (dry) There’s a Spice Girl and every one of us.
Jonny: The only thing he can be really unreasonable about, is his hate for banjos. For fourteen years now, I’m trying to tell him you can make very dark and warm sounds with those. But every time again it’s ‘ No. Fucking. Way.
Is it correct that you didn’t want to work with EMI anymore after they were taken over by money machine Terra Firma?

Jonny: Absolutely. At the takeover, Guy Hands, the new CEO, announced that he wanted to quadruple the profits around 2012. But not on very ethical way with handling music, it seemed. So, we tried elsewhere.

(more later)

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  • haha :p
    they’re funny.
    but i wonder if it’s not supposed to be ‘a spice girl in every one of them’ in stead of and. i didn’t really get that. anyway. want more 🙂

  • Banjos.’No. Fucking. Way.’

  • I love this part:
    ‘Eagles: Greatest Hits.’ ‘Kula Shaker Demo’s.’ ‘Phil Collins’s Hip Hop Covers.’

    😀 Damn funny.
    You must adore those Greenwoods. 😀

    Thom doesn’t like banjos 🙁

  • I would listen to the Eagles Greatest Hits. I have volumn 1 and 2.

  • Jonny is a cutie!!!

    i would love to see him make jokes while camera’s are on!!!

    can’t wait for the tour!!!

  • bring out that banjo on burn the witch …


  • […] our manager was that our German fans were the cheapest, our Italian fans the most generous.

  • I don’t listen that kind of music.

    So ask my mother would she listen to Phil Collins Hip-Hop covers.

    She said YES.
    So cunning and brilliant Jonny’s plan wouldn’t work.


  • haha, that’s a funny interview. i can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  • i would totally listen to Phil Collins Hip-Hop Covers

  • hahah too funny

  • thom!!!! banjos are awesome and don´t always sound country, what about múm and violent femmes etc etc

  • I didn’t pay for the First Dixc but bought the Discbox that cost 80 Bones. (Still no word when I should be expecting the Discbox)So, raise the percentage on people who PAID for the album. I would like to get a hold of all the C sides to Radiohead. There is a lot of music floating in OuterSpace with the Rainbows. Hope to hear some off songs not put on the album. Radiohead make an album of the LOST SONGS. PLEASE.

  • I remember Jonny played “I Am A Wicked Child” on banjo during a couple sound checks for the 05 summer tour, it sounded pretty damn awesome.

    But in general I have to agree with Thom.

  • Maybe Jonny should use banjos in his next solo/OST album to really convince Thom that they can sound very dark and eerie

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