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Download & print a 2008 Radiohead calendar

Just when you thought it was an annual tradition with Radiohead releasing their official calendars, we’ll have to do without for next year.

However, John Galantini decided to make his own 2008 calendar – In Rainbows style, posted it on the At Ease MB and received a massive response. You can now download it from John’s website and besides all the Birthdays you can add all the Radiohead Tour Dates.

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  • Radiohead should have made one and given it out for free together with the discbox…hmmm…maybe for the next album in the next 5 years?

  • Who needs Radiohead to release a quality calender when you have get_the_gungee’s.

  • wow get the gungee got atease’d NICE!

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  • Wow, beautiful calendar. I wish they’d actually published one though, my printer won’t do that justice. Also it will probably run out of ink..

  • Hey, great job! thanks for that!

  • […] – Rompiendo la costumbre, Radiohead no ha puesto a la venta el calendario correspondiente al nuevo año, en el que deberían aparecer diseños que recordasen a In Rainbows. Como buen justiciero, John Galantini se ha encargado de diseñarlo y lo ha colgado en su web para que lo descargue el que lo desee. [Vía: ateaseweb] […]

  • caca face tu

  • das gleiche prblem hab ich auch ..meine seite

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