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Maple/Fontana to release ‘In Rainbows’ in Canada

Radiohead will release new album ‘In Rainbows’ in Canada through MapleMusic Recordings and Fontana North on January 1st.

Chart Attack reports that Toronto’s MapleMusic Recordings and Fontana North have a distribution arrangement with the Dave Matthews-formed ATO Records Group. ATO are releasing Radiohead’s 7th album in the US. And it should come as no surprise that the companies will also work together in releasing Radiohead’s In Rainbows on CD and vinyl in Canada on Jan. 1.

“MapleMusic Recordings/Fontana North have been an amazing partner for us in Canada and we’re thrilled to be working the Radiohead record with them,” says ATO president Will Botwin.

Maple is focusing on “Bodysnatchers” as the first Canadian radio single from the British band’s seventh studio album.

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  • I just hope they do a good job printing the booklets. Most previously-released Radiohead albums had booklets in great condition — at least when re-released. However, the companies that print and distribute albums in or near Toronto should have their licenses revoked. All U2 (including the digital remaster of The Joshua Tree) and Pulp liner notes made in the area look like crap with the spine all dented like the staples device was smashed into place; those that were printed in Quebec looked and continue to be made in much nicer condition, yet fewer CDs are made there nowadays. Albums that include bonus DVDs are usually made in California and are in so much better condition.

    The initial printings of Kid A had a massive crease that extended from the spine 2/3rds of the way through the rest of the cover like the booklet had been bent in half!

    Sounds silly to some, but I think it’s only reasonable that product arrives in great condition in the stores and not mangled like it was made in some third world production center.

  • Oh yeah, and MapleMusic Recordings and Fontana had better not pull that copy-right protection crap EMI did in Canada! I’d like to see fired and humiliated the bastards who decided to pull that on us, while leaving the US copy-protection free in the age of the internet.

    Having an album that won’t play properly on my discman (skipping) or my computer isn’t my idea of a fair compromise, and being unable to rip songs to make my own compilations is terrible treatment of a customer. And then not answering customer complaints when you claim to have a 1 800 number at the back is another dick move.

    Fuck EMI Canada for making me have to buy another copy of “Hail to the Theif” in the US!

    I feel like Mogwai angrily blogging like this. Feels good. Thanks, ateaseweb.

  • This is HUGE for MapleMusic! They’re just a tiny little company. Good for them, and good for Radiohead and ATO… 🙂

  • OMG Muldfeld i’ve had the same problem with httt. but i was hoping there was a way to rip it and i hadn’t found it yet. arg.

  • Ya, I f a CD can’t be ripped then I have no use for it, sorry record companies. I don’t even have a CD player except for a PS2 in my current home. The day of the CD is gone and someone better figure out a solution fast, I am starting not too feel so bad about stealing music, and if this keeps up I will tell myself that it’s alright completely because people responsible failed to heed the warning.

  • The new copies of HTTT don’t seem to be marked with copy-protection, “kkak”. I haven’t listened to it on my computer, but the packaging isn’t marked with copy-protection warnings.

    I guess they changed things for later releases, but they should have just done a recall and replaced all the copies back in 2003, when people were complaining.

    My copy would skip on the 9th second of certain songs when I played it on my discman.

    I read online how a Canadian fan complained, and EMI just sent him a US CD. Sadly, they never answered my call. Whoever made the decision to not issue a recall should be fired.

  • Regarding HTTT and copy protection issues, I emailed EMI back when the CD was first released expressing my disappointment over the decision to use it and how it affects legitimate consumers and they promptly sent me a replacement copy of the album that didn’t have any protection on it. They didn’t ask me to send in my original disc, which was rather nice of them.

  • For all you Cannucks out there, I would like to inform everyone I got my Discbox today, and that it should be appearing on fellow Canadian doorways soon, if it hasnt already. I am so pumped and just wanted to share my experience!!!

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