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Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ ads online

On Radiohead’s YouTube channel a first advertisement is posted for the ‘do it yourself packaging’ of new album ‘In Rainbows’.

The ad [below] will be aired in the US starting next Monday. Expect a longer version of the ad on Friday.
Radiohead’s US label, TBD records also launched a dedicated Radiohead section to their site, where you can check some news, videos and also download various banners in all shapes and sizes at

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  • whats that supposed to mean?
    In Rainbows comes in a paperboard-case?

  • I think it means you can buy a real one and not a copy from internet… but I’ve seen better ads …

  • No. As stated in the news post, the ad is in reference to the “do it yourself” packaging. They’re motivating people to re-use old jewel cases. It is mentioned on TBD’s pre-order page.

  • Also, I’m assuming in the next (longer) version of the ad, the white-gloved hands will perform a magic trick by combining the In Rainbows package with that empty jewel case. TA-DAAA!!!

  • LOL that’s pretty bad. Hopefully the *full* version will be better.

  • hahahahahahahaha Wow. I didn’t know Mickey Mouse did work for ATO.

  • er… TBD I meant. hahaahahaha. Whoever made that ad needs to be fired.

  • wow, coming from the band that used those blipberts to promote Kid A… that’s… embarasing.

  • I don’t have a fracking jewel case lying around. I don’t want to send in a hacked damaged one so they can mangle the booklet carelessly into it. I want a new CD with a nice new jewel case. I’ve never disposed of my artwork or the jewel cases that hold them. I’m gonna have to spend a dollar to buy a scratched up one from HMV to send to them?

    This is silly. Hopefully the copies selling on isn’t part of this nonsense.

    I guess it could be worse. They could could be using that gatefold or digipak crap. Fracking hate that because it doesn’t hold the CD properly and gets damaged easily.

  • i’m assuming you can keep it in the cardboard case if you want, so chill out!

  • mudf, why do you hate the environment so?

  • I don’t quite understand why Radiohead signed with TBD, what was previously Sideone Dummy. It starts to make me cringe when i see all this awful promoting such as the whole myspace page and this… I don’t know.

  • Yeah… I wonder how much of this is really cleared by the band. Maybe, they just handed TBD teh steering wheel as far as advertising goes.

  • yeah thom said in the nme interview that he didnt particularly care for the whole myspace, facebook, etc internet phenomenon, so i doubt these things were ok-ed by them. that myspace pg is probably just some fan. but then theres the youtube page, and facebook profile, etc. they went indie and actually became MORE popular,,,who does that?!!

  • What happened to their whole “No Logo” sloganeering?

  • It does make me happy, happy i bought the in rainbows box set:)

  • from that site, on the video section:
    “jigsaw falling into pieces”



    Plastic forever!!!

  • “plastic forever!”

    until we run out of oil, hahaha

  • I thought this was a great quote from you tube

    “This is a great idea though, no? Presumably most people have jewel cases lying around. Having to put the album booklet and back into one yourself, rather than being given one, is an interesting way to reduce the waste involved in the album’s physical release.”

  • is anyone else still waiting to receive their box set? i pre-ordered the first day, still hasn’t come…guess that’s what i get for living in the US waiting…patiently…waiting

  • The Belief-Action Nexus is wondering where his discbox is. Did anyone enjoy the stickers, etc. in Beck’s “Information” cd?

  • Being as I already have the Discbox I’m not too concerned about this release… although I am interested to see how many copies they sell considering the previous release via download.

  • I did indeed enjoy the stickers very much!
    The Information was really superb!

  • one of the worst ad ever…

  • I’m with you -c, I ordered mine on October 1st and I am still waiting for it 🙁

  • I don’t hate the environment, but I’ve never thrown out a perfectly good jewel case, only the ones that are damaged and can’t hold my CDs. Who throws away perfectly good jewel cases? They break all the time. Also, card board is bullshit. In fact I’m much more likely to buy another copy of “I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings” or “The Eraser” because the packaging isn’t protected and therefore degrades more easily after years of handling. How good is that for the environment. This is idiocy, perhaps due to morons who throw out perfectly good jewel cases, since they break so often!

    Besides, jewel case manufacturing has improved in Canada lately; the older cases used to not hold onto CDs as well (the prongs would break more easily) and the rounded parts were used to hold in the booklet, which often just dented it. Now, the US model of long thin protrusions is used; it makes the CD a bit more difficult to take out, but doesn’t damage the booklet. All minor stuff to some of you that makes a big difference in the long-run.

    This is not the answer!

  • it’s on sale for $9.99 at that site…that’s ridiculous. where cd’s usually run $14-$18 nowadays, look how much they are saving us consumers by not including the jewel case. come on, everyone has that one cd they are embarrassed they bought way back in high school. i will be tossing my alanis morrissette cd and replacing the jewel case with in rainbows. isn’t that ironic?? (double pun)

  • hahahahaha 😀

  • Hang on c- an Dave. Got mine only today. I´m from Germany, and even though I got the waste-mail on december 3rd that it was despatched, it still took till today to get here. But it´s worth the wait and it will last a life-time. (Well, not quite as long as a standard jewel case, laying around millions of years on gods once green earth)

  • terrible advert. Radiohead used to have amazing promotional campaigns (blips, anyone?); this looks like a fucking insurance commercial or something.

  • I think the real promotion campaign was the pay-what-you-like-online-release. They were in newspapers everywhere around, even though it wasn´t an expensive campaign at all. Worked very well. Now, I think, they had to agree to give the labels the freedom to do whatever they think might work selling a record, that´s available already. I think that´s only fair to support the traditional commercial release. And a bad campaign is better than no campaign at all in these terms.

  • Is anyone else in the UK still waiting for their discbox? I had the email on 3rd Dec saying it had been sent and would take 1-8 days, but it is now 15th Dec and I am getting concerned that it has been lost in the post. Anyone else with the same problem?

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