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Thom Yorke announces Eraser remix downloads

please excuse this addiTion to YouR pile of email.

ThIs is not stricTly junk.

is a quick notE to Let YoU know thAT there will be shorttlY be a bunch of rmxs
of some of the songs from the ERAser album made available to download from

on the 17th of Dec a BURIAL rmx of anditrainedallNight
a ModeSeleKtOR rmx of skipdivideD
& a VAriouS rmx of aNaLYse

on the 18th of Dec a FoURtet rmx of AtoMS for PEace
& two Christian Vogel rmxs of ‘Black sWAn’

on the 19th of Dec the SuRGEon rmx of the CLock
a rmx of HarrOWdown HiLL by THE buG
& a rmx of Cymbal RUsh by The FIEld

that’s it. apoloGIes for the disturbanCE. check themm out if you get amoment.

i Hope yours is a pEaceful CHRistmas.


thom yorke.
Earlier on we reported the release of new remixes from Thom Yorke’s The Eraser on 12″ vinyl, which will be out in the new year through XL Recordings.

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  • So what’s the code? I found a “you” in there, but that’s it..


    There is also an extra “t” in shortly, and a extra “m” in them.

  • There’s no code; Thom’s just a teenage girl on YouTube at heart. cOOL viDeo lOL!

  • Oh well, that’s me just wasted 2 weeks slaving over the same project…. check out a burds eye interpretations of ‘And it rained me whole life’ at I think I’ll go write a dirge for Xmas LOL

  • wow, if thom actually wrote that (which i somehow doubt because i’ve never seen him sign his last name before) then that’s really embarassing…LaY oFF tHe SHifT buTToN tHOm!!!!!

  • lOOOK aT Me
    i’M BEINg RealLY OBScurre aNd

    difffficcULT TOdayye.

  • Thanks for another great year of music.

  • lOOOK aT Me
    iā€™M BEINg RealLY OBScurre aNd

    difffficcULT TOdayye.

    (hahah. hahahaha. hahahahha. haha.)

  • you would have thought he would at least but some capitals in his name. you are a proper noun thom.

  • coOL kIdZ TYpe LiKE tHiS.

  • I don’t care how he spelt everything… I still saw “Four Tet” in there!


  • were these set thru waste?/ i didnt get one šŸ™

  • @chris:
    They were sent from
    Presumably sign-up was here:

  • “Thanks for another great year of music.”


  • I like the quaint title of the email: “fRm thom y”

  • He never usually signs his last name on DAS…but wouldn’t it make sense for him to sign it in this people so people are sure which thom it is? I don’t know..

  • the little horse is thomlY

  • I know that with some Apple computers, the S will randomly come out as a capital letter when typing. Perhaps Thom’s computer is much sicker.


    Try to tell you at burial.

    Hmmm. Whose burial and what is he going to tell? Somebody please crack the rest of the code.

  • Aww thom speak is adorable! Only when he does it. No one else.

  • He probably wrote it like this to avoid spam filters.

  • what? pay downloads?
    radiohead/members music should be free!
    and not free is just to much.

  • ^^^^^ Yeah, especially if we’re planning to buy the physical release.

  • Hey guys! Have you checked the Billboard’s Critics Top 10 Album list for 2007? In Rainbows is Number 1!!!! Is this not fuckin cool? And it looks so good to read self-released instead of a company name! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    On the flipside it’s sad to see Billboard’s readers preferences. Being mexican I personally feel ashamed to see RBD there.

  • Burial is a dj from the UK

  • The Bug remix of Harrowdown Hill is fucking garbage.

  • […] customers that the release has been cancelled. This means the remixes are now only available as a digital download and on 12″ vinyl. [thx Alex & […]

  • […] “There are some remixes coming. Yes. They may start appearing soon”). Then we could download them. Yes, and then they were announced to be released on 12″ Vinyl. And then a Japanese […]

  • Haha, nice nice! I love this post, I love when people take their time to write a good post

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