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Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on Radiohead

Just as Radiohead, Paul McCartney has split with EMI because there was lack of excitement at the label. Ed O’Brien recently said that EMI doesn’t understand the music industry. McCartney seems to agree: “But the most important thing was, I’d felt [the people at EMI] had become really very boring, y’know? And I dreaded going to see them.”

McCartney was one of millions who downloaded Radiohead’s In Rainbows, paying “something reasonable”, on the week it appeared, he told The Times. “This was how we used to operate,” he enthuses. “I remember John [Lennon], for instance, writing Instant Karma and demanding it was released the following week.”

Other former Beatle, Ringo Starr talked to TIME about the changing music industry: “In the ’80s, accountants ended up running it, and they still are. The record industry has fallen apart. But we are on to the new age, a digital one, where anyone can download. Radiohead—how great! How much do you want to pay? That’s a huge change. God bless them.”

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  • For what it’s worth, a link to the article:

  • Actually, that was just the Times article–the Time article is at,8599,1694689,00.html

  • GO RINGO!!!!

    love him

  • Ringo Starr is a drummer who drums.

  • Was reading this in Time yesterday
    over breakfast. A pleasant surprise to
    hear Ringo say such a thing.
    As an artist, I am simultaneously excited
    and scared to see where the industry will
    go next. But I am encouraged by things like this.
    Cheers, MooT BooXLé

  • greatness!

    my two favorite bands of alltime

  • nice blessing…can’t beat that.

  • The glory of the former Beatles speaking out about such an occurence. Such a remarkable thing. My two favorite bands!

  • Gotta love Ringo.

  • nice nice
    btw, spelled beatles wrong in the bit about ringo

  • “Radiohead—how great!”

    Genius 🙂

  • can only agree!!

    two best bands ever!!!

  • Love fron Ringo and Macca, can’t get any better than that. If the blessing is there from two living legends, then Radiohead have further solidified their legacy in Rock history.

  • Thanks for helping out, wonderful info .

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