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Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’ widget

TBD Records, Radiohead’s US record label, offers a widget, which you can install on your website, blog or on your social network accounts like facebook and myspace.

The widget includes tour dates, news, webcast videos and a podcast will be added soon as well. Have a look:

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  • Crtl Crtl V

  • podcast added soon???

  • I thought a widget was something in a
    beer can?!

  • I downloaded and tried to install the widget marked “dashboard” on my Mac Leopard System. According to my system the dashboard widget is “not a valid file.”

    Some instructions on installation or troubleshooting would be nice. Is there another link besides the “get and share” tab at the bottom of the image?

    Advice appreciated – many thanks!

  • That’s pretty cool, good of them to do that, can’t see myself putting it on my website though

  • see u on 18th june in Milan!!!!!!!!

  • Their website doesn’t understand widgets. Usually they’re useful, or not, mini applications that appear when you press f12or the dashboard icon. That is an advertisement you can copy and paste onto a website.

  • Too bad it doesnt work with Last.Fm/user/no3pencil

  • But no Vista gadgets?!
    Discrimination, I tell ya!

  • Hmm…only for MacOSX Leopard. Looks like ‘oneman’ with Leopard had troubles installing the widget. Any Mac users have any luck?

  • or we can just check AtEase every day

  • Bummed that this doesn’t work with Tiger. Seems like someone is being a Leopard snob. Oh, well. Hope there are some dates in either Georgia or Florida for the US dates. Never seen RH before, and I would love to.

  • it kinda sux, tried it and immediately took it down….

    so yeah, pointless, sorry.

  • It’s not the kind of Widget that goes on OS X Dashboard. It’s code for your website or whatever.

    Also, Unravel????? What’s that?!

    Lastly, yes, a Florida date would be awesome. I flew up to New Jersey to see them summer 2001, but was thrilled when they played in my “backyard” of West Palm Beach, Florida in the fall of 2003!!!


  • Im also a Ben and I also would like to see them in Florida, and! I also saw them in West Palm Beach in 2003… coincidence or just plain old radioheadian kismet?

  • Wll, you can get thi for Vista, just choose, works for me. Now I just need it to update me when U.s. dates are up

  • […] In Rainbows podcast that will include the performance. Subscribe at Apple’s iTunes. And the Radiohead widget, where you can add the band to your site, profile, etc., will host the performance. | | | | | […]

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