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Radiohead webcast broadcast update

The New Year’s Eve webcast, ‘Scotch Mist’ will not only be broadcast on Current TV in the USA as reported earlier. The one hour show will also air on

Thom Yorke called the webcast “a wee celebration of the release of the physical manifestation of ‘in rainbows’”, which will be available on starting midnight (UK Time).  Following that broadcast, it will appear on a variety of websites including YouTube,, Yahoo!, Facebook, and on TBD’s site for the band.

There is also a Radiohead In Rainbows podcast that will include the performance. Subscribe at Apple’s iTunes. And the Radiohead widget, where you can add the band to your site, profile, etc., will host the performance.

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  • kick ass!

  • So, it will be at 7 pm US time right?

  • Every person can get a near free concert. driving a car $20 dollar for gas, $150 for car payment, $100 dollars for insurance, Paying for a t-shirt $40, Traffic $Sucks,
    Burning all that CO2 in the air $Choking, Pay What You Want for backyard concert of Thom Yorke’s House $Priceless, Paying $10 to $20 dollars for a live concert because you went VIA the internet $Becoming the New Way of Doing Music… The poor and people living in the boonies can’t afford or get to a concert $Millions of viewers… Have a Pay For What You Want Radiohead and receive lots of Happy Fans who want to see a concert no matter what while… You don’t want(have) to fly around the world but still saying what you wish to share about the world and Global Warming. I will listen for hours of music and changing the world for the goodness of Mother Earth or Ourselves. Twenty to Thirty Radiohead classics and old rendition of other peoples songs would be a Great Concert.

  • Woo HOO!

  • =D!!!!

  • […] For us folk in Sydney the 12am GMT start time translates to 11am New Year’s Day. Not a bad way to kick off the new year if you’re in any shape to be conscious and at a computer. Don’t worry if you miss out as it seems this broadcast will be aired everywhere afterwards (including Al Gore’s Current TV channel in the US). See At Ease for the details. […]

  • Umm… 7:00 PM US time??? 7:00 PM on the east coast. If you really think about it, there’s no such thing as US time. Did you know that Russia has 11 time zones? Thats the most of any country, unless you count territories.

  • West Coast times?

  • […] for all those with access to Current TV can watch it on TV or check the other channels on the web. | | | | | | FShareWidget.displayFShareButtonCode({ fshare_permalink: […]

  • […] can still catch the webcast in a bunch of places. Even Facebook. Again, At Ease has the details of where you can watch. You torrent folk can grab it […]

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