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Thom Yorke denies ‘Load of cash’ demand

Thom Yorke has responded to the earlier publication in The Times, where EMI’s owner Guy Hands claims Radiohead demanded 10 million pounds for resigning to the label.

As posted on Dead Air Space, Thom said:

F Y I_____ if you care
for your information>>>

we did not ask for a load of cash from our old record label EMI to re- sign.
that is a L I E.
The Times in the UK should check its facts before it prints such dirt.

whAT we WANTED WAS some control over OUR WOrK and how it was used in the future by them-
that seemed REASONAblE to us,
as we cared about it a great deal.

Mr Hands was not interested.
So neither were we.

We made the sign of the cross and walked away. Sadly.

We are extremely upset that this crap is being spread about.

To bedigging up such bullshit, or more politely airing yer dirty laundry in public,
seems a very strange way for the head of an international record label to be proceeding.

On a happier note we took no ‘BRead-HEAd’ advances at all from both independent labels XL and TBD for our new record.

So judge for yourself.

AND we are really excited to be working with them. SHock!

AT least they do not behave like confused bulls in a china shop.

much love


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  • FUCK GUY HANDS, fucking cunt bastard of a man

  • Don’t worry Radiohead, Mr Hands just appears to be a complete helmet to us fans…more so each time we read about him.

  • Oh Tnom..I love you. You definitely told those rat bastards off.
    Hands is a prick.

  • Oh Thom..I love you. You definitely told those rat bastards off.
    Hands is a prick.

  • Glad to hear this, although I would have understood Radiohead wanting a cash advance, though it would have made them look slightly less idealistic gods. Anyway, good for you, Thom. I hope The Times reads this.

  • Anyone else find the name “Guy Hands” amusing?

  • Did anyone really expect for Radiohead to really care that much about money? The dudes have to be millionaires by this point, considering how well their tours do, and they just made a cool three million off of their new CD. Really, I don’t even think 10 million is too much for them to ask. They would’ve made it back for EMI in about two-three years.

  • Take no notice of the shithead Thom. Guy Hands is a,well you decide.Oh.Looking forward to the gig in Manchester and yes whot a TOSSER

  • I’m so glad Radiohead have the sense to shut the door on EMI. Doesn’t EMI realize their actions are going to create a exodus vacuum. The greed is going to sink a shortsighted and once influential label.

    Only a matter of time…

  • ‘Nuff said. Well done, once again, to Thom and company. *clapping*

  • i agree with mks. Everytime i see it i laugh, i just couldn’t take someone called “guy hands” seriously ever

  • I imagine Hands had a tough time at school with a name like that.

  • thom’s a liar!!! he’s trying to cover up that fact that radiohead are money hungry millionaires

  • ohhhh Isaac, whoever u are, ur a douche.

  • Did anyone really think that what hands saying was true? Even if it were true, they deserve it more than half of the rubbish “artists” EMI posseses. Bring on Milan and glasgow!

  • word

  • It’s good Thom came back at Guy Hands with the truth rather than try to ignore the smear. EMI has a negative image now.

  • Short quote from my much longer post on
    the previous day’s thread:

    “The debate about millions of $$$ versus rights to
    albums just highlights the breadheadedness of EMI.
    Their *only* thought on discussing possible transfer
    of rights was evidently “how much would this cost us”.”

    Radiohead join a growing list of great bands
    and artists who have been jerked around
    by EMI over the last 35 years or so, and have gone independent as a result.

  • Isaac needs his bell rung

    But you know he’s just one of those brainless consumer machines that needs to swallow his tongue

  • re-record your music THOM!!! then resell it to us, fuck EMI

  • I guess MR HANDS had nothing much else to do
    (with the dropping cd sales and all so
    he’s into spreading gossip among his execs.
    those “hands” must be getting useless.

    well,he could masturbate…but maybe is too old..

    such a shame.such a shame.

  • isaac was clearly joking, dont worry

  • oh Isaac I was clearly joking too

    Have a happy New Year

  • i might just buy 2 copies of in rainbows when it hits stores in the hopes that they make enough off of it to buy back the rights to their songs. david bowie did it in the late 90’s and i personally would love to see complete ownership given given to the band.

  • When I heard 10 million pounds, my first thought was.. ONLY 10 million pounds?

  • Right on brother x

  • Musicians in the public spectrum should unionize

  • Some people are taking this a bit personally… get a life… just enjoy the music. They’re just a band.

  • “Guy Hands” hahaha.. amusing indeed..

  • oh, and paul and isaac, go fuck yourselves

  • Do you think radiohead like having fans that curse at others for having an opinion? Thouht they were into peace and stuff. The first chav radiohead fan, Ivan. never thought I’d say that sentance.

  • Your pathetic.. not to mention ignorant
    opinion asked for it pal.. and it’s spelled
    “thought” .. go figure.. pre-school
    grammar skills = ignorant opinions ..
    Once agian Paul.. Go fuck yourself.. = )

  • I don’t mean to get in the middle of this but:

    “and it’s spelled “thought” .. go figure.. pre-school
    grammar skills = ignorant opinions ..
    Once agian Paul.. Go fuck yourself.. = )”

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious that whilst correcting someones grammar skills and insulting their intelligence they managed to make their own mistake!

    As I said before I don’t want to get in the middle of things!

  • Unless that’s sarcasm that I was too ignorant to pick up on! Doh!

  • guy hands is a businessman and knows nothing about music as far as i can tell and the story goes. he doesn’t understand the industry, he cannot see how it has been forever affected (and effected) by technology, and unlike great luminaries like john hammond he’s not an enabler and a fan – he’s a cold-hearted, average SOB… and radiohead would have been worth 10mil over 5 years and EMI like every major doesn’t know which way is up. thank goodness he has investments in weapons of mass destruction to make his phat cash whilst he hates on one of the most important and profitable bands of EMI’s modern era…

  • My mistake was clearly just a typing error, and even if I didn’t know how to spell the word, that’s not grammar, you fool. Grammar doesn’t include spelling. Grammar is more about the structure of a sentence.

    If we’re going to look for grammatical mistakes, just look at your comments. Full of them.

    “oh, and paul and isaac, go fuck yourselves”

    That ‘and’ shouldn’t be there before my name.

    “not to mention ignorant
    opinion asked for it pal”

    Does that make sense?

    I think we have a case here of the pot calling the kettle black.

    However, I wouldn’t have expected any better from a chav… (oh yeah, if you want to insist on all these dots, you have to put down three, not two!)

  • Oops I didn’t mean to say grammar skills! I had grammar in my head at the time because of that comment! I know the difference!! Agree with the pot calling the kettle black comment.

    Forget about the whole thing and talk about radiohead anyone? 😉

  • I agree with NSFW: even if the 10 million quid tale was true, it wasn’t that unreasonable. Did they not give Robbie 80 million quid for fuck-all?!

  • sad…just listen to the music and be thankful for it

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