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Radiohead At Ease is featured in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. The US magazine made a list of the 25 best fansites. is included on the list of essential fansites at number 16: “At Ease has a cult following of its own, keeping Radio-heads glued to its up-to-the-minute newsfeed while bombarding the message board”. Well, there you have it. The full list is available in the printed issue of Entertainment Weekly as well as on the Entertainment Weekly website.

[thx weird fishee for the scan]


  • First

  • Cool! Congrats Ade!

  • congrats! atease is great!

  • congrats and hap new YEAH!

  • You certainly deserve the recognition, Ade. Congrats!

  • well deserved
    I love atease

  • Congrats!

  • You certainly deserve it more than that fucker Matt McGee on, which was also nominated. Prick is so intolerant of any criticism of U2 and is incredibly petty, childish and arrogant, telling fans what they should and shouldn’t discuss and then dissing fans online. Fucking loser.

  • Yayy!! Congrats…atease rocks!

  • I can’t believe how much you’re right! I totally agree with you! Keep up the great job :P

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