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‘In Rainbows’ out in stores and iTunes

Radiohead’s latest album ‘In Rainbows’ is now officially available in stores and iTunes. The band’s seventh album is the first to appear on Apple’s music store.

‘In Rainbows’ was first released in Japan on December 26th and traditionally a couple of days earlier in The Netherlands (most Dutch stores supply a poster with the purchase). In Canada and USA the album hit the shelves earlier than the official North American release date (January 1st).

The release also marks the first time a full Radiohead album made available at the iTunes store, where tracks can be downloaded indivudually and DRM-free. A digital booklet is supplied with the purchase of the full album. The files are available in Itunes plus (256 kbs AAC files). At the download store you can get the same tracks as 320 kbs MP3 files.

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  • well, it’s on a podcast in the US, not as an official album….hmmmm

  • The album is available in the UK iTunes store. It hasn’t hit the US iTunes store yet, but perhaps tomorrow (Tuesdays being official release days in the US).

  • Has the single for ‘jigsaw…’ been officially released yet? Anyone got it?
    I want to know if the b-sides are just tracks off of the In Rainbows’ bonus disc, or if it’s brand new material…

  • So…if they don’t want the old albums broken apart for artistic reasons, was meant to be broken apart and not intended to be listened to as a whole?

  • **
    …was [in rainbows]meant to be broken apart…

  • well, if u think about it, they can’t with the old albums since they are with EMI, and like radiohead said, they don’t get anything for them because EMI never put that on their contract then…

  • and now, we know, that it wasn’t all that artistic crap, cause THom yorke put the Eraser on iTunes…with the label they are with now…so it’s just EMI who fucked with them

  • Is target selling it early in the states?

  • Don’t forget the ‘cast tonight…

    it’s gonna be good!

  • I’m from Vancouver and on the 26th I went to HMV to buy some albums and I saw the ‘In Rainbows’ physical release on the shelf. I was blown away, but I didn’t purchase it because I am getting the discbox…but I went back the next day and there were none left. I’m thinking that they made an accident and put it on their shelves and then realized after what they had done so took it off. crazy!

  • Can’t wait for midnight.

  • Still not on the US iTunes store even though it’s now technically Tuesday.

    I already ordered got my discbox from Waste, but I still ordered a copy of the album from Best Buy. I want the regular edition too! They’ve got a pretty good deal on it. I got mine for $7.99 with free shipping. And they shipped it a day early to boot.

  • Will the band be sharing the digital booklet with those of use who downloaded In Rainbows directly from the band instead of iTunes? Will anyone be sharing? Friends share.

  • The album is now available at the iTunes store in the US. Will someone please post the digital booklet PDF somewhere? Thom?


  • any one from Canada having this iTunes problem. If you add In Rainbows to your shopping cart you can only select “view album” not “buy album”. Also it won’t even allow me to delete it from thee shopping cart.

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