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Get ready for Scotch_Mist

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. Pretty soon (Midnight – UK Time), Radiohead’s webcast will start on

Here are the URL’s to check if you want to see ‘In Rainbows’ performed in [windows media format] and [quicktime format]. And for all those with access to Current TV can watch it on TV or check the other channels on the web.

For those who missed it, the videos are up at Yahoo!

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  • My stream on Quicktime in the US just stopped – half way into the second song! I don’t know what’s wrong – I have a solid connection and fast computer, it was working great.

    I’ll try again with Current TV at midnight in the US, but it was great watching the UK time – 6pm here!

    Anyone going to post the file?

  • Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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  • Oops. My bad, I was able to re-connect and get the full file I think. Still can’t get the podcast to download for some reason.

    If you can’t tell, I’m pretty much a old newb with technology.

    & flying goose feathers…Lovely.
    Shred ’08

  • Happy New Year to all the beautiful children of the world. My all the Blessings of God be within your heart and let the Light shine in. Radiohead… Thank You for the concert and the love you spread through your music.

  • I’m a loser, with dial-up! and with f**ked up EARS!!! WHAT DO I DO????????????? I hope I die in 2008!!!!!!!!!! It would be for my own good, and good for society!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaylord just go to youtube or current and your bound to find something. Don’t fret…your life’s worth saving, don’t throw it away because of dial-up.

  • SCOTCH MIST on YAHOO:–Radiohead

    Try to block out the adverts on the sides of the annoying player. I remember Yahoo used to let you watch full screen music videos, dang it.

  • And yeah, they messed up the title for the Faust Arp video…they named it “Take a Bow”. haha!

  • it was amazing on Current. watched it twice. Happy new years fellow fans! i keep falling in love with rh over and over.

  • thank yo radiohead. i can’t think of a better way of beginning the new year than getting to watch this with the people closest to me.

    i hope that there are more broadcasts like this in the near future!!!

  • Hi, does anybody know if they are going to repeat the webcastor did anyone save the quicktime feed and is planning on uploading it? 🙂
    I missed it and I’ve found flv feeds out there but I’d like to get the quicktime version since I’m on a mac and I could d/l it and see it in full screen and better quality anytime, thx!

  • oh…and happy new year ade! thanks for atease! this has been a fabulous year.

  • the broadcast was great, i was at my uncle’s house, so i just locked myself into my cousin’s room

    the slow-motion bit was hilarious



  • The also have it up at Current and it’s in stereo 😉
    Happy new year!

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